How To: Eyelash Extension With 3D False Lashes

In this tutorial, we will talk to you about volume or 3D eyelash extensions. This video was provided by Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at 02144950824, or 02144950825.


For volume eyelash extensions, you should start at the outer edge of the eyelashes. Smear the individual false lashes in glue and put them on the root on the natural eyelashes. We choose different types, shapes, and sizes of false lashes based on the natural form of the eyes and eyelashes, and our goal for attaching the false lashes.

You can attach the false eyelashes in two forms. Permanent or temporary. If you are going for a permanent false eyelash extension, you should pay extra attention to the amount and type of glue you use. This type of eyelash extension is very different from the usual types of extension.

We choose the sizes for our false eyelashes, which can be small, medium, or long so that we can achieve the form.
We want for the eyelashes based on the natural look of the eyes by putting the false eyelashes side by side. So if we want to extend the length of the eyes to make them look longer we start with small false lashes, then medium, and then longer in this order starting from the inner edge of the eyes to the outer edge.

However, if the eyes are long and we want to make them look a little more round,
We can use small size false lashes on the two sides and then use medium sizes in the middle. If you use small false lashes on the two edges of the eyelashes, then you will have to use medium size for the middle, and if you use medium size for the edges, then you will have to use long false eyelashes for the middle.

In volume or 3D false lashes, the branches can have different sizes or thickness and shape. If you aim to apply the eye makeup using false lashes, it is much better if you also use the same volume or 3D false lashes for the lower lashes as well. Although you have to keep in mind that the density should be suitable. When smearing the eyelashes in the glue, you should be very careful not to pick too much of it so the false lashes do not look thick after they are attached on the eyelashes.

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