Upcoming Micro-Pigmentation Seminar

In this video, we will tell you more about the upcoming micro-pigmentation and tattoo removal seminar by Mrs. Dina Taghavi and Mrs. Nika Mahdavi. To join our great workshop, please contact us at 09195256779.


Greetings. I am Dina Taghavi. I am a pigmentation artist and tattoo removal expert. I want to take this chance to thank you for your trust in me and our center.

Because of your constant requests for training sessions on micro-pigmentation and organic removal methods,
We have decided to hold a seminar on the subjects. In the seminar, we have invited the best in the field to show you the latest techniques is micro-pigmentation and organic removal.

I should note that most of these techniques are being provided for the first time and most of the techniques could not be taught in virtual classrooms and on the internet. During the seminar, we will introduce many famous brands and companies. In this seminar, Mrs. Nika Mahdavi, the first ambassador of the Amiea company from Germany, will show you the new techniques in micro-pigmentation.

You will meet Mrs. Anahita Moshveghi as the only ambassador to Solo and PMU companies. I will have the honor of representing PigmentOff products for the first time. This is an exclusive method and the removal techniques and maintenance after the process is completely different from any other method ever presented. In this seminar, we will explain all the methods and techniques in detail.

Greetings. I’m Nika Mahdavi. I’m a pigmentation artist and expert. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to meet you up close in this seminar and tell you more about the new techniques and methods in micro-pigmentation. For those of you keen on learning new techniques and methods in the field of micro-pigmentation, I am happy to announce that I will be providing the latest techniques in the lip and eyebrow shading during this seminar.

Mrs. Dina Taghavi will talk about tattoo and pigmentation removal using organic methods even on the eyes. The ambassador from PMU, Mrs. Anahita Moshveghi, will talk more about the latest techniques and products from this company. To learn more about the seminar, the latest announcements, and joining the seminar, please follow us on Rojelab.net. We will love to meet you all at the seminar.

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