How To: Tai Chi Haircut

In this tutorial, we will show you another Tai Chi haircut. This video was provided by Mrs. Maryam Ebrahimpour. To join our classes, please contact us at 09395780037, 02144211748, or 02186083868.


This haircut can be categorized under Tai Chi cuts for which we have separated the hair into five sections. Separate the first layer into five sections. Now that we have five small sections of hair, we can use the middle section as a guide. Therefore, you have two more sections on the left, and two more sections on the right and the section in the middle can be used as a guide.

Twist the sections thoroughly. Cut the hair with your scissor and do the same for the next section. Since we have cut these two layers here, the next layer should be between the two, so we cut this layer. Use a small section as a guide and twist the hair. Cut the hair by moving the scissor on the layer. We do not use shearing blades in our cuts anymore to prevent hair leprosy. You can use a scissor to achieve the same results.

We will do the same for the next layer. Keep in mind that we are cutting in a 60-degree angle because in a 90-degree angle we will grind the hair too much. I will use the guide, twist the hair, and cut in a 60-degree angle. I will hold the layers on the right, to my left when I want to cut, and then the layer on the left to the right for the cut. This helps keep the hair in the front longer and more ground. I will use the guide, twist the hair and cut in 60 degrees. I will use the guide again and twist the hair.

For the front, I will separate the hair from the arch of the eyebrows. Since we want the hair in front to be longer and a bit more sheared, I will separate the hair vertically. Hold a section of the previous cut as a guide. Hold the hair and twist it. Find which layer indicates your guide and now pull the hair towards the back of the head. Now we are left with the parts in the front. Again, I’ll separate another layer. How you cut the hair in the front depends on the direction of hair growth in this area. We will cut in the same direction. So hold the hair and cut vertically in a 60-degree angle. You do not have to pull the hair back anymore.

I will do the same for the next layer. Since we want to shear the surface of the hair, we do not have to pull the hair back anymore. Cut the hair in a 60-degree angle. The only layer we pull back is the one on the side since we want this one to be longer. Separate another layer and do the same for this layer. Because we want the cut to be compatible from the back to the front,
We will separate a layer in the middle and then cut. Separate another layer of hair and use the guide to cut. Cut it right here. I will do the same for the next layer. I will separate the hair in the front into three parts. Therefore, to brush and style the hair, you have to proceed like this. You can also straighten the layers deeper in the hair, so you can style them better. The front is longer since we pulled the hair backward for the cut.

You can contact us if you want to buy Tondeo scissors, you can contact us. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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