How To: Applying Makeup On Oval Faces

In this tutorial, you’ll watch the application of a delight face contour on a model. This video is provided by Mrs. Shafi’e from Banoo Shafi’e Institute.


Greetings. I’m Arezoo Shafi’e and today I want to talk to you about delight face contouring.

We choose the right basis for the makeup based on our analysis of the client’s skin and their skin type. If there are small wrinkles around the eyes, you can use a small amount of the same basic material around them too. Use a bigger brush to distribute the material across the face completely.

We apply the right foundation for the client’s skin. Again, this is based on what type of skin the client has. You have to choose the right light and dark colors from the start, so the contouring process continues on the right path. Use your brush to distribute the foundation on the face.

After applying the foundation, we have to start with dry contouring. Start contouring on the opposite side. Apply the material to the cheek by touching the skin with the brush. The placement of the cheeks changes with age. If the cheeks are positioned lower on the face, they will make the person look older. Add the highlights on the mirroring sides of the nose on the Dorsum.

The best type of contouring for a long-lasting makeup is a dry contour. Where you end the contouring on the Dorsum depends on the length of the nose. It could end below eyes, or between and above the eyebrows. If you needed to add a highlight under the cheekbone, you have to use a medium or light contour based on the size of the area.

You must use a light contour above the eyebrows. Continue the line on the Dorsum across the upper eyelids and fade it under the eyebrows. To form the lips and chin use a medium highlight after your light contour.

This concludes our tutorial for today.I hope you have enjoyed this video. Until next time, goodbye.

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