How To: Wet Hair Braid Using Hair Gel

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can use Fulica’s wet hair gel to reduce frizz and get a beautiful and shiny style for your hair. This video was provided by Mrs. Maryam Ebrahimpour.


The braiding we want to talk about is suitable for frizzy hair or for when you want to braid the hair without brushing. You can use Fulica hair gel, which gives the hair shine while preserving the moisture.

If you have already frizzy hair, moisture can intensify the frizz further, but this hair gel will prevent that from happening. The correct use of the Fulica gel is first to apply some moisture to the hair,
Then apply some of the gel on your hand and start braiding. Since the gel has a moisturizing effect and contains vitamin B, it can reduce the frizz considerably.

Since when you braid the hair, you are pulling the strands straight, it will prevent frizz and waves and will give the hair a more beautiful look. This gel will help you preserve that shiny and bright feel for your hair and the hair will look beautiful and healthy. Make sure to use Fulica’s wet gel and look beautiful with a healthy, shinning hair.

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