How To: Instant Hair Highlight

In this tutorial, we will teach you a method called instant highlights. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Bahri. To join our classes, please contact us at 09367007399, or 09373302527.


Greetings. I am Bahri. I am a hair formula expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about instant highlight. Using this method you can highlight your hair faster without bleaching the hair.

First, apply some of the material on the foil and put the hair layer on it. The material I am using is the number 10 champagne color with 9 percent oxidant. Apply the material to the foil, put the hair on the foil, and then apply the rest of the material to the hair layer. You should apply enough material to cover all the hair strands. Bend the foil from both sides and close it completely. Bend the two corners to prevent the foil from slipping down.

Touch the foil with the hair iron starting at the top to heat the foil. Set the heat level to 200 degrees and repeat this process once or twice. Repeat the process for the second layer and since we have limited time, I will only show you this process for two layers of hair. We apply some of the material on the foil wrap to make sure the hair sticks to the foil and does not slip down.

We only applied this method to two layers of hair using two foil wraps, but if we wanted to continue,
We would have had to wrap all the layers of hair in foil until the back of the head, or the other way around. Then when all the layers are wrapped inside foil, we will unwrap the layers and check the hair to make sure they have reached the level of bleach we need. This type of highlight does not require much time since the hair iron applies extra heat to the foil. A fifteen or thirty-minute wait is enough and then we can unwrap the hair starting from the first foil and rinse the material off to get the highlight. The type of hair can affect how much time is needed for the highlight to work. Dark and thick hair will take longer to change color and light or thin hair will change its color faster.

Since I did not apply this method to the rest of the hair, I am going to wait for fifteen minutes and then rinse the hair. We are back with our instant highlight tutorial where we used a light dye and the heat from a hair iron to lighten and highlight the hair. You can see the difference in the color in the front where we applied out method and the rest of the hair in its original color. You can see the two sides of the hair and this shows how you can highlight your hair without bleach.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. This method is a good choice for young girls or anyone who prefers not to decolor their hair and you can use a light dye and heat to highlight the hair. I hope to see you all in our classes. Until next time, goodbye.

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