How To: Deep Exfoliating Using Ultrasonic Devices

To get started, apply the milk cream to eliminate any dirt or make-up residue from the skin. Then pick a tuner suitable to the client’s skin type in order to achieve better cleansing.
In the next step, cover the entire face with facial scrub cream. Let it stay for 1 minute, then start massaging the face. Afterwards, remove the scrub cream thoroughly off the skin.
Below, there’s a tutorial containing full instruction on how to use the ultrasonic device. To reserve a seat in the courses provided by Mehr-E-Aria beauty school, please dial the phone numbers available.


Greetings to you followers of Rojelab website, I'm a skincare expert in Mehr-E-Aria beauty salon administered by Ms. Mehrnaz Arianejad. Today I'm gonna show you how to make a deep facial exfoliation using ultrasonic devices. in the first step, I'll cleanse the entire face with milk cream. As you might have seen in previous tutorials. I'll apply the milk cream to all over the face, then gently rub the skin until the cream is fully absorbed. different skin types require different types of cleanser. however there are some cleansers which are suitable for all skin types. well, as you see, the milk cream is now fully absorbed, so I'm wiping the skin with two damp pieces of cotton. skin will become free of any dirt during this step. note that the chin is wiped after other parts of face. the next step, it comes to using a suitable skin cleanser. since this client has a relatively dry skin, I'll use a Canadian made toner which fits this skin type.

Put some of the toner to the cotton pads and start cleansing the entire face. remember that toners are necessary for home use, apply it twice a day because it can adjust PH of the skin. toner is also selected according to the client's skin type. now I'll use the DOUBLE ACTION facial scrub cream. smear the facial scrub cream on all over the face. Then give it approximately 1 minute to make the skin moist enough so that it's peeled off more easily. after 1 minute, start peeling it off from the chin. be careful to move your hands gently on the skin to avoid irritating the client. especially those with dry skin may have a bit irritation during this step which is quite normal. therefore, for those who might feel burn in some parts, remember to make the hands a bit wet before beginning. after the scrub cream has shrunk into small sheets, start removing it thoroughly off the skin with moist cotton.

Make sure not to leave any scrub cream on the skin. otherwise, it slightly irritates skin during the next step. well, now I'll use this handheld ultrasonic device for deep exfoliation. This device emits ultrasound waves which have no restrictions to anyone. I'll set it on the cleansing mode. Then start cleansing from the chin. after cleansing with the device, skin is now ready for being massaged. smear the massaging oil thoroughly all over the face. Then give it a gentle massage. well, in the last step, I'll use a nose mask. I've picked a charcoal nose mask. as charcoal masks provides detoxification, I'd prefer to use one for the final facial mask. it also helps to further cleanse the skin in the last step. well, I've applied the mask to all over the face, now wait for 10-15 minutes before peeling it off. well, this is what you see after removing the mask off the face to finish our job here. we've made a deep cleansing for her. we're looking forward to seeing you in this beauty salon for various skincare services. For more information, please dial the phone numbers.

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