How To: Tease The Hair For Ombre Highlight

In this tutorial, you will learn the techniques for Ombre hair dye. This tutorial was provided by Salari Beauty Academy.


For this Ombre, separate the hair in the front from the two arches of the eyebrows to the back of the crown in the form of a square. Make sure you separate the hair in straight lines and without zigzags. Always try to separate the hair in orderly and neat lines to get a better highlight at the end.

Separate the hair on the side of the left ear. Now separate the hair on the side of the right ear. In the back of the head, separate the hair into a sharp triangle, right below the square-shaped section we separated at the top. Separate the hair parallel to this triangle until the end of the hair with two-centimeter thick layers.

As you know, we have four different bleaching formulas. Bleaching for straight hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, and gommage. Gommage is a method used to reduce the unwanted background color from the bleached hair. For healthy hair, we usually work with the first formula, but since we are working on a model hair, I am only going to explain the theory. I hope this can help you with the process in action.

This hair separation is a zigzag style. We can wrap the hair in foil wraps with eight different methods. One of those techniques is zigzag. I used this method so I can show you teasing. We want to apply the teasing to the layers one in between. After separating the hair, tease the hair twice like this, and then put the hair inside the foil wrap after that point.

First, apply some of the material to the foil so the hair sticks on the surface of the foil better and prevents slipping. You should apply the material all across the hair on the foil. Otherwise, you will be left with an orange background. Make sure not to apply the material to the teased hair, because it can cause an ugly bleach line on the hair.

You will continue this method by unwrapping the hair layers, teasing the hair twice, and putting the remaining hair inside a foil wrap. We will do the same for all the layers in the back of the head. One of the rules in makeup is that, if you want to give the cheeks more prominence, you have to bleach this layer of hair blond. On the other hand, if someone has a round or square face, let half a centimeter of this layer remain dark and bleach the rest. In this technique, you will tease the second part twice and wrap the rest of the layer inside a foil. You will repeat the same thing on the other side.

For the square in the middle of the head, you should separate it into three parts so you are left with a triangle in the middle. Now you can separate this part diagonally into layers and put them inside a foil wrap. So separate the layers one by one and put them inside the foil wraps. How far close to the root you tease the hair, depends on your choice and the client.

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