Haircut Tutorial For Low-density Hair

People with low-density thin hair are usually looking for a haircut which makes their hair look fuller, in other sense, they would like to have their hair cut in such a way that add more volume to their hair.
In this video, you are going to watch the stages of an appropriate Farrah haircut for those with low-density thin hair.


Maryam Ebrahim Pour Haircut
In this video, you are going to learn how to do an appropriate haircut for those women with low-density hair, especially in front.

I take the first part from the front because we are going to layer the hair like the outdated Farrah style.

You must keep in mind that it’s not advisable to take many layers because we are going to be creating a layered look that will help the hair look fuller especially when the hair is pulled into a Ponytail.

Having sectioned off the hair from eyebrow to eyebrow, I take a section from the front.

The style of the front hair largely depends on the client’s taste.

Make sure to ask the client about their favorite length before the point-cutting.

To begin with, I take a front section, pull the hair down below the chin (yet again you have to include the client’s idea about her favorite length).

Our main guide is in the front section.

Then, I point cut diagonally.

I take another front section from the back and I also take the guide, bring hair straight up and hold it at 90 degrees, then apply the blunt-cut, sharp-cut must certainly be avoided.

Then I cut the right side the same as the left side.

I bring the hair straight to the left, using my guide, I hold the hair tight and bring it up then point cut.

I should admit that I use Tondeo scissors as they are really light and fine for a smooth function.

I take another section, still using my guide, pull it straight to the left, hold it tight then point cut diagonally, using slice scissor which slips through the hair.

The back section is still left.

To cut the back section, I take one guide from the left and one from the right, hold it at 130 degrees, using my guide, I slip the hair point cut diagonally.

I take another section and comb through the hair, using the same guide, pulling the hair up, and hold it tight at 130 degrees, then I slip the hair ends in the scissors.

Only the front section is left undone.

To check the hair, I part it in the middle, pull the hair down and check if there is a need.

I trim the ends of the hair.

There is no undone part to check so just trim through the hair.

I have already checked the hair vertically and horizontally and I have also parted the hair in the middle so as to check the symmetry of haircut.

Thinning scissor can also be used to cut the hair ends.

As it can be seen, I’ve made a triangle part in the back.

As mentioned earlier, the front size largely depends on the client’s taste.

You have seen the middle parting but in case your client is in favor of side parting.

You should bring the hair to the right and check again to do the missing parts.

Checking again.
If you are willing to take more layers in front.

You should take a section from the front, pull it up the eyebrow curve, as you can see the hair is diagonal so I trim through the hair.

Ms EbrahimPour, Parnian beauty salon.

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