How To: Bow Tie Chignon

In this tutorial, we will show you how to do a beautiful open hair chignon. This video was provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Neda from Noghre Negar Beauty Institute. Today I want to talk to you about a chignon hairstyle.

For this chignon, separate the hair in the front starting at the arch of the eyebrows. I have already separated this part of the hair. Tease this part of the hair a little and then fix it using a hairpin. We do not have to tease the hair that much, a little bit is quite enough since our chignon is relatively open. Separate a layer of hair on the side and tease it from the back. Just a bit is enough. Brush the surface. Apply a small amount of styling spray to this part so we can style the hair better. Fix the layer of hair, which we picked from the side and applied the styling spray, to the back of the hair right below the previous layer that we separated from the front.

Now separate another layer of hair horizontally from the side but let a thin layer of hair remain behind this layer. Tease the hair slightly. Now brush the surface to smooth the surface. Twist this layer and fix it under the top layer using a hairpin. Brush the end of the hair and fix it like this.

After taking the end of the layer through the other layer and fixing it in place with a hairpin, start widening the two sides and lightening the layer with your fingers. Widen the hair from the two sides by pulling on the layer with both hands. Now fix it with a hairpin and spray to fix the hair completely.

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