How To: New Facial Makeup

In this tutorial, we will cover a new facial makeup technique. This video was provided by Mrs. Azita Fard.


Greetings. I am Azita Fard. I am a professional makeup artist and instructor with more than twenty-five years of experience. The makeup I am going to show you in this tutorial is the latest method of the day. What makes this makeup different is the shin. We have special 1, 3, and five days of workshops, which are even beneficial for makeup artists with years of experience. I will happy to meet you in our classes.

As you can see, the makeup is a very up to date method, which is popular these days. For this makeup, we used new brands, products, and glitter. I have applied the makeup to my model and now I want to tell you how you can apply it and which techniques to use. The makeup is mostly done here, but I will explain any additional steps as we go on.

Whenever we want to start makeup, first we have to make sure the skin is clean. The skin should be adequately moisturized depending on the skin type. After that, we will use a suitable powder cream. We should choose the powder cream depending on the color of the neck and face. We should consult with the client to know whether they want dark or light makeup.

After applying the powder cream, we can start the contour. Apply the contour to the cheeks, forehead, and the jaw. Using the contour, we will change and balance the parts of the face. We will make the part we want bigger or smaller and more or less visible. We have applied the contour. I have applied a color tone with attention to the eyeshadow and lipstick I have used. The result is what you see.

During the rest of the tutorial, I want to talk to you more about the type of glitter we will use and how to use it. The basis for the glitter must be the same as the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow I have used is champagne and purple color and the makeup looks great already but we can make it flashier using these steps. As you can see, I have already applied much of the makeup to make this tutorial more productive, but since I want you to know, I have used these two shadow palettes. I made the primary base with this shade.

Now I will change my brush and use another shade to give the makeup a purple background color. I will fade the shadow outward. These eyeshadows are the fashion of the day and different colors can be used other than purple, such as blue, green, and other shiny and bold colors. We usually use these colors for the bridesmaids. I will fade all the shades. You can join our classes to learn the whole process of complete makeup from the beginning to the end.

This is a glitter glue, which I want to use for this makeup. The shadow we use here is a very special color, which we usually use for the bridesmaids. You can see the difference between the two makeups. You can use either method, but this can make the makeup more eye-catching. We can use some powder to make sure the glitter does not stick to the skin in other places and to help us fade them if they did. Anastacia is a great brand with beautiful colors. To have some consistency with my makeup, I used a different background color before, and now I can apply a product from this brand on the lips.

I will apply some contour on the cheeks and now we can apply the primary theme of this brand on the cheeks to suit the makeup. Now we can apply some of the colors from the palette. You can exaggerate the makeup and colors as much as you prefer. It is both great for the bride and the bridesmaids. I think it is very beautiful and chic makeup.

You can join our classes to learn all the details, methods, and product we use to apply such makeup. We will cover all your questions and work with you in person during our workshops. If you have extensive experience with makeup, you can join our one-day classes, or join our three or five-day workshops. We will be happy to meet you all.

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