How To: Chignon For Long Hair

In this tutorial, we will talk to you about a new beautiful chignon. This video was provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am Neda from Noghre Negar Beauty Institute. Today I want to show you how to style a chignon.

For this chignon, separate a small section of the hair in the back. Now fix it in the back. You can pull a few lines of hair out on the top to make it look more natural. I have prepared a hair prosthetic before and I am going to attach it to the hair right here. You can also fix the bottom of the prosthetic using a hairpin to make sure it will not move and cause problems during the process. Separate a layer of hair from the side. Brush it and use a hairpin to fix it like this on the prosthetic. Pull the hair out from the two sides a little after fixing it.

You could also use other types of hairpins. Use whatever you are comfortable with. Attach another hairpin to fix the hair. Use a brush to straighten the hair. Now design it on the prosthetic like this and fix with a hairpin. Do the same thing you did with the hair layer take from the other side of the head. Separate a layer, twist it slightly and fix it here with a hairpin. It is much better to use a hairpin to fix the hair. I will use one more hairpin to fix the hair completely.

Separate another layer and straighten it. Since the mode’s hair is a little fuzzy, I do not need to tease it, but when you are working on natural hair, it is better to wave or tease the hair before. Twist the hair slightly, lighten it and pull it outward. Now fix it with a hairpin again. You can use the remainder of the layer for this area. Brush the hair to straighten it. If you notice the layers are loose, you could use hairpins since they are not visible from outside because they will be inside the prosthetic.

To make the chignon look better, I am going to use some hair extension as well. I will use a hairpin to attach the extra hair in the middle of the prosthetic. Twist the hair slightly and fix it with a hairpin. Twist the hair again and fix it. We will put the rest of the layers from both sides on the prosthetic in twisted style and continue this process until the end. We can use hair extensions whenever we like to make the work look better like what I did here.

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