How To: Keratin Treatment Step-By-Step

As you are already aware the keratin treatment is applied with the aim of smoothing or reviving the hair. The revival treatment is mostly applied to damaged hair.
In this item, we’ve demonstrated a treatment which is more beneficial to thin and brittle hair.

Below you can find a full instruction given by Ms. Rosa Bahrami the director of Bahrami Keratin Therapy Centre. To sign up for classes, please dial the numbers provided.


Hello everyone, I'm Rosa Bahrami the director of Flamingo beauty saloon. Today I'm gonna show you a revival keratin treatment. As you already know keratin is used for 3 purposes. For hair smoothing, for hair revival and for both smoothing and revival. revival keratin is mostly used for damaged hair. but the treatment we're about to perform today. is used for brittle and damaged hair. This kind of treatment mostly performs a volumizing task for the hair. and creates a coating around each piece of hair. This treatment comes with 80% smoothing and 95% revival. also the process of revival treatment is different from that of other treatments. We must use micro steamer and ozone therapy in the revival keratin treatment. examine the hair with the analyzer device to detect the type and severity of the damage. Then choose the appropriate formula. wash the hair twice with deep cleanser shampoo. and then let the hair have 20 percent of moisture, it means dry the hair upto 80 percent. after removing 80% of the moisture. we'll apply the fixer spray to get the hair prepared for treatment. This spray removes the elasticity of the hair at once. apply the spray. massage the hair. do the same to every sections of the hair. and let it sit for 15 minutes. after the initial cleansing, put the hair in the micro mist steamer and press the O3 (ozone) button. after a 15-minute pause, start applying the formula to the hair from 1 cm to the scalp. massage a little after applying the formula. so that it's better absorbed into the hair. Then comb the hair that the formula is evenly distributed on the hair. treat all sections of the hair with the formula . and wait for 30-40 minutes. during the waiting, we must keep the hair in the micro steamer for 8-12 minutes. and keep the O3 button off. place the hair in the micro steamer, but this time we don't want to do an ozone therapy, we just want to make the formula go deeper in the hair with the help of red light. after the waiting period, we will blow dry the hair, note that we just dry it and not brush it.

In a ratio of 8 to 2, which means dry 80% of it with a cold blow and the rest with a warm blow. so the hair would be thoroughly dry. we'll start layer-by-layer ironing after drying the hair. there are generally 2 steps of ironing in revival treatment, the first step is ironing with a titanium plate. and the next with a tourmaline plate iron. try to use a 2-barrel iron. don't iron at a too high speed. and set the temperature depending on the severity of the damage. For the second step, we should use a tourmaline plate iron. and we won't use a 2-barrel iron, instead we use a flat iron which clamps the hair and we can pull it with both hands. like this. after ironing, we put the hair in the steamer again and press cooling button to get the hair cooled down. don't forget to adjust the device to the blue light for cooling. after the cooling process, let the formula stay on the hair for 24 hours. Then cleanse the hair with its special yogurt.

To receive every types of keratin treatments and learn more about our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided.

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