Eyelash Extension Vs. Eyelash Implants

In this tutorial, we will explain the differences between eyelash extensions and eyelash implantation. We will also show you a full eyelash extension procedure in action to explain the procedure step by step. This video was provided by Mrs. Dina Taghavi. To join our classes, please contact us at 09195256779.


Greetings. I am Dina Taghavi. Today I want to talk to you about the process and methods for eyelash extension and their differences with eyelash implantation from Rojelab.net.

Please keep in mind that eyelash extension is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure for people with low volume or expressionless eyelashes. Eyelash extension is also suitable for people who have a busy workday and do not have enough time to put on makeup or are allergic to makeup products. Eyelash extension is fundamentally different from eyelash implantation. Many beauty salons, clinics, and other makeup centers can perform an eyelash extension, but only a certified physician can do eyelash implantation. This process requires surgery and since the hair on the eyelash is not similar to the hair on the head, the success rate of this surgery is quite low.

Since eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent type of makeup, you can change the type and look of the extension during each recovery session. Those who like changing their looks can opt of changing the style of the eyelash extensions to look half-curled or curled. Still, keep in mind that having an eyelash extension done in every beauty center is not a wise decision to make. This is because choosing the right type of glue is the most important factor in an eyelash extension process. Many of the glue brands used by beauty salons contain a high amount of gas, which can cause allergic reactions and eye irritations for the client. This can hurt the client or cause long-term allergic reactions such as redness of the eyes after the procedure.

Another important factor is the type of eyelash strands used for the extension application. You should choose the eyelash extensions strands in a way that after the process the client does not feel the eyelids are heavier. The work must look delicate and lightweight. For this process, the general anatomy of the face also plays an important part, which should be taken into consideration. You should consider the type and look of the eyes, the space between the eyes and eyebrows, direction of hair growth on the eyebrows, and length of the eyes. The extension artist should take into account the size and length of each eyelash extension since the application must be according to the needs and preferences of the client, and the type of eyelashes they have.

Since eyelash extensions come in different sizes and lengths, we cannot use one size for all people or even the same size and length on all areas of the eyelash for one person. Choosing the correct angle for the side of the eyes based on the type and length of the false lash you are using is very important. You should always consider what the client is asking you. Make sure to use sterilizer and cleaning products before the process. This will rid the eyes from any type of pollution, bacteria, or dust particles that might exist on the eyes and then you can continue with the extension process.

Another factor I want to talk about is maintenance after the process for people with eyelash extensions. Avoid contact with water for the first twenty-four hours after the process. Nevertheless, after this time, contact with water can make the eyelashes look more natural. If you want to use mascara, make sure it is not a water-resistant type. People who feel like they have skin issues or their eyelids droop must take the appropriate tests before the procedure. If you are looking to have the extension on your eyelashes for one day or a short period, ask your makeup artist to choose the proper glue that would keep the false lashes attached to the eyelash line only for one day.

Some people start picking their false lashes off by hand after they do not need them anymore that is an improper way to detach the false lashes and will damage your eyelashes and they might start to fall. Some people might assume that this is because the extension artist was not professional, which is a wrong assumption. You should always remember that maintaining the eyelash extension is a very important part of the process. This includes your makeup, showering and washing your face, and even sleeping. Use product, which is not too oily, and have a controlled level of PH. These are all factors you should consider.

A good extension must last almost three weeks but for areas with high humidity, the extension might last a little shorter. Although there are products that can help make the extension last longer or equal to three weeks in high humidity. After each recovery session, you should write down all the procedures and products that were used so you can use this as a reference in future recovery sessions. Please stay with me while I show you an eyelash extension process on our client.

If you look closely at our client’s eyelashes, you will notice how low the volume of the eyelashes are and there are small hair strands in between the eyelashes where we plan to apply for our extension without altering the natural look of the eyelashes. Sterilize your hands before the operation since you are working on the eyes. You should use pads that have a moisturizing ability so you can moisturize the eyes while separating the lower from the upper eyelashes. I am attaching the pad from this angle so you can see, but there is no limitation on how you can apply the pad to the eyes.

Slowly attach the pads to the lower lash line. To prevent the pad from slipping, use a piece of duct tape to fix the pad in place. So first, we separated the upper and lower eyelashes from each other using a pad on the lower eyelash to avoid the eyelashes from sticking to each other. Try to use moisturizing pads below the eyes to help moisturize the skin below the eyes as well. Use primers or eyelash cleaners to clean the eyelashes completely. To choose the right length for the false lashes, make sure to keep track of the length of the client’s eyelash. Take into account the length, size, and thickness of the eyelashes, then decide the suitable false lashes.
For the client and finally ask them what type of eyelashes they prefer, be it curly, simple, or semi-curly.

For the extension process, you should account for the outer and inner edge of the eye. We usually do not attach false lashes to the three or four last lashes on the outer edge of the eyes. Since the extension adds a considerable volume to the eyelashes, applying them to the outer edge of the eye will make the eyes look abnormal and unnatural. For the inner edge of the eye, try to skip the first to third lashes and start applying the false lashes after that point. Keep in mind that the eyelashes on the inner edge of the eyes are usually more delicate and shorter. The false lashes we use in the center or the majority of the length of the eyelashes are not comparable with the false lashes used on the inner edge of the eyes.

So keep in mind that the sizes used on the edge of the eyes are different from the ones used in the center. Never use different sizes or lengths in between each other and use the same standard for each section. If you go by the rules, you will get a fine and natural-looking result. To begin the process on the left eye, we hold the curved forceps from below and the straight forceps from the top. For the right eye, we will go the opposite way and use the curved forceps from the top to separate the eyelashes and use the straight forceps from the bottom to attach the extension. Make sure you are attaching the false lashes directly on the eyelash strands and avoid attaching it leaning to the left, right or diagonally.

After attaching a few false lashes to the eyebrows, brush the eyebrows upward and downward to order them. Also, brush the eyelashes after the process and if you have any regeneration or nutritious products make sure to use them and apply them to the eyelashes. Explain the correct way to maintain their lash line extensions because it is of utmost importance and will directly affect the durability and beauty of the eyelashes. Make sure to hold the curved forceps like this for the left eye to separate the eyelash strands correctly and apply the false lash directly on the eyelash strands.

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