How To: New Bridal Chignon

In this tutorial, you will learn another chignon style. This video was provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Institute.


Greetings. I am here today with a chignon tutorial.

For this chignon, first separate the hair at the top. Tease the hair a little to give the hair at the top a bit more volume. This can help the chignon look better. Fix the hair using a hairpin. Now put the ponytail in the back inside a hair prosthetic and fix it to the hair to have a basis for your chignon.

Now start at the top of the hair and wave the hair layer by layer. Make it lighter, create lines and then fix it using a hair clip. Do the same for each layer by picking hair from below the previous layers. Wave them, and then create lines and fix with a hair clip like before. We will continue this process until the end.

Separate the hair on the left side by the ear the same way. Separate two layers of hair, wave them, create your lines and then fix it like before. At the end, after fixing the hair with hair cream or styling products, you can fix the hair using hairpins on the inside. You can even add decorative elements to the hair. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We will be back with more tutorials.

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