Lifting & Laminating Eyelashes Explained

In this tutorial, we explain the difference between eyelash lifting and laminating. This video is provided by Mrs. Donya taghavi. To learn more about eyelash lift and laminate or to receive our services, please contact us at 09195256779.


Greetings. I’m Dina Taghavi and today I want to talk about the difference between eyebrow lifting and laminate, and how to choose a professional to perform the process.

Lots of you ask what the difference between lifting and laminating eyebrows is. People who have full or long but expressionless eyelashes, or people who use eyelash curlers a lot are good candidates for eyelash lifting. Lifting can improve the way your eyelash looks for at least three months. It will make your eyelashes look beautiful with a nice curl. However, the circumstances are very important and can affect the outcome. Some people don’t have enough time to put on makeup, or are looking for new ways to look good, and lifting and laminating eyelashes are good options that we often recommend.

Lifting and laminating are two completely different methods and there’s no need for them to be used together. Laminate is actually the process of adding color to the eyelashes. These two methods could also be used together or separately. You have to be careful because some people go for a permanent eyelash curling process. Like permanent hair curls, they look beautiful and will last for a few months, but after a long period of time, they could damage the roots and also cause frizz. The same is true for eyelashes. Try to avoid permanent curls as much as possible. Even lifting eyelashes can damage your eyelashes so try to choose salons or beauty centers which use mineral and organic material.

Even if that means you won't get the best curl after the first process. If the used material is organic, you might not get the most out of the process the first time. If you notice something like this, don’t be alarmed. Mineral material are slower when it comes to results. On the other hand, they won’t damage your hair and also contain materials which could help with health and growth of your eyelashes. Some people ask us how much curly can our eyelashes get as a result of the process. This is completely up to your choosing. You can ask your cosmetic professional to curl your eyebrows as much as you like and they will continue the process based on their professional opinion. Make sure to ask for nutrition supplements before and after the process and specially after the process. Lifting and hair curl products are made of similar formulas and their timing and usage should be completely under control. If it stays on the eyelashes for too long, it could end up burning your eyelashes or damage the roots.

Aside from being aware of formula structure and choose the right product, usage and the amount of time the product is left on the eyelashes is very important. Based on how thick your eyelashes are, this time could be different. If the product is left unattended on eyelashes for too long, it could end up burning your eyelashes or damage the roots. Don’t put the product on the eyelash roots and avoid the tips. Try to apply the product to the middle of the eyelash where it’s thickest. This will produce the best results.

The restoration process is two to three months after the initial application and after the process you should avoid washing your face for at least twenty-four hours. Don’t use makeup products and use sterile drops to avoid allergic reactions or irritation. Also recommend using nutrition product to keep the eyelashes healthy until the next restoration date.

Many people ask whether they should go for a lift or an extension. Some people can go for both processes. They can go for a lift and then apply the extension on top of that. The extension can be in the form of a 3D extension or a classic extension or other types of extension. However, there is no problem with going for both of these at the same time. However, how, when and which product you use is very important to avoid damaging the eyelashes.

To see our sample works you can watch them on or join our classes in our centers to get more familiar with the latest techniques from beginner to advanced using organic material without causing allergies or irritation.

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