How To: Soak Off Gel Nail Polish

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to apply nail gel polish. This tutorial was provided by Bahri Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at 09367007399, or 09373302527.


Greetings. I am Tamara Bahri from Bahri Beauty Institute. Today I want to talk to you about Gelish naildesign.

I have already prepared the nail for the process. We have removed the natural shine and oil from the surface of the nail. Before you apply a gel nail polish to a natural nail, you must first apply an anti-fungus material to the surface. When the anti-fungus is dry, we can start the gel nail polish process.

The gel nail polish I use here is a three-step product, which includes the gel, polish, and topcoat. You can find the required time for the gel nail polish to dry on the bottle or container. You must always put the nail under the UV or LED device according to the instructions on the bottle.

Apply a very thin layer of the base gel one millimeter away from the nail root. Make sure to use the brush to cover the tip of the nail every time you apply a new layer of material on the nail. My nail gel polish takes one minute to dry, so I will put the nail under UV light for one minute.

We have now removed the hand from under the UV light, we have applied the base and now it is time to apply the color. To apply the color, start one millimeter away from the nail and apply a thin layer. I am using a dark purple gel nail polish here, but since the nail was removed from under the UV light recently, it is still hot and the color looks lighter.

If you apply very thin layers, you can apply the material three times on the nail. I also covered the tip of the nail with the brush and now I want to put the hand under UV light. My colornail gel polish requires three minutes to dry, so I will put the nail under UV light for three minutes. I repeated the application of the colornail gel twice and now I should apply the topcoat.

Again, apply a very thin layer, one millimeter away from the root. Now use the brush to apply the material to the tip as well. My topcoat requires two minutes to dry, so I will put the nail under UV light for two minutes. We have applied the topcoat. Our topcoat is a bit sticky now.

Some topcoat gels have this quality and to remove the stickiness, you can use a cleanser. Apply some of the cleansers to a cotton swab and rub it on the nail. If you do not have a nail cleanser, you can use alcohol or pure acetone. However, the nail cleanser will make the nail shinier while alcohol and acetone will not have that effect.

What you see here, is the hot state of our gel nail polish. To see how it looks when it is cold, you can dip the nail in cold water. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We would love to meet you all over at Bahri Beauty Institute.

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