How To: Color Melting Technique

In this tutorial, we will cover the color melting technique.


Greetings. I am Bahri. I am a hairstyle formula expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about color melting. In this method, we will die the hair with a few different colors. You must have seen this method being used by many in social media and across the internet. The question people often ask is how to prevent the colors from mixing and how to add them to the hair correctly. Today I am going to show you this process in action to see how we can apply the method correctly.

We will separate the hair layers vertically and apply the foil wraps vertically as well. Tease the hair. First, we have to tease the hair and then use our colors, which are separated, in three bowls. The colors include red, purple, and gold. We will add these colors to separate foil wraps. We will leave an extra layer with the original hair color between each foil wrap. I used the purple color first.

We will add the color so all the hair strands are covered with color and nothing remains with the original color. We tease the hair to avoid making a direct line on the hair after dyeing. Let us leave one layer aside and not apply anything to it. We will take the next layer and tease it. We will hold the hair vertically and tease it until reaching the root. Next, we will start adding the color to the hair starting after the root where we teased the hair.

This time we will use the gold color. Let’s skip the next layer and move to the other one. Tease the hair and proceed like before. As I said before, we tease the hair to make sure we leave no lines on the hair layer. We tease the hair in all the Ombre and Sombre methods. This time we will use red color. Bend the top of the foil wrap to make sure it will not slip and fall of the hair.

Again, we have to leave one layer aside to have the original color of the hair and then pick the next layer and dye it with the first color. The first color was purple, the second one was gold, and the third color was red. Therefore, when we have used all the colors once, the fourth one will be the repetition of the first color again. We will continue like this until we have covered all the hair layers. We added the foil wraps to all the layers around the hair and reached the top were we used foil wraps to cover the layers which we had tied in a rectangle with hair clips.

For the side we separated the layers vertically and wrapped the hair in foil wraps each one with a different color and then for each layer inside the foil wrap, we skipped one layer. For the top of the head, we will have to work horizontally and for each layer that we wrap in foil,
We will have to leave one layer outside of the foil wrap. As you can see, this method continues until all the hair layers on the top are covered. For each foil wrap, we used a different color, which was purple, gold, or yellow. We will wait for twenty minutes and after that, we will have to rinse and brush the hair.

You can use the color melting method with fantasy colors on bleached hair or hair with color above seven. You can use warm or cool colors on the hair or a mixture of them. When you use cool colors such as purple, blue, or navy blue, it will give you a galaxy mix. When you use warm colors, which exist in nature, such as red, yellow, or green. You can also mix these colors, or just use one category of them. There is virtually no limitation when it comes to choosing colors in color melting. Therefore, as I told you, you can make galaxy mixes using cool colors, and you can use warm colors to create a mixture of natural colors, which exist in flowers and greenery, like red, green, orange, or yellow.

Color melting is a great technique for those who like bright colors in their hair. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I hope to see you all in our classes. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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