Eyebrow Shading Step-by-Step

In this educational video we intend to show you how to perform eyebrow shading. This tutorial is brought to you by Mrs. Faezeh Jafari. If you have enjoyed this video and would like to know more about the methods of micro-pigmentation please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 09121962430.


Greetings, I’m Faezeh Jafari, certified Micro-pigmentation expert, and today I want to show you how to do eyebrow shading. I hope this video makes the learning process a little easier for you.

For this process, we’re going to use a single-ended pigmentation machine. Hold the pen using three fingers at a 90-degree angle at all times. The pen should be firmly held in your hand. Use your forefinger and ring finger to move the pen across the brow. You should hold the pen in a way in which the movement can be swift and with constant pressure. The pen should not be held at any angle other than 90 degrees. Fix your pinky on the skin and hold the pen with your thumb, and as before use your index and ring finger to move the pen. The pen should be pointed at the location with precision.

You're comfort is very important for this process. The pigmentation should consist of a series of points. There should be no obvious lines drawn at the border of the brow. Let the pen move with free and swift motions. You should be careful to match the movements with the pigmentation power of the machine to create the points and not draw a line. If you draw lines, you’ll have to clear it up later, and that can be a troublesome procedure. The brow should be covered in length and there should be no empty space left in the pigmentation area.

When you’re doing a shading process, the lines you draw should be next to each other and each line should follow the line before. This should be done without drawing on the previous lines to avoid making darker shades. There should be no need to redraw or clear a line during the process. We’re not talking about pressure here, and the point is to form the brow using a series of closely connected dots.

Let's go back to the start and begin the process. Make sure the points do not overlap. If there is a gap, go back and carefully draw in those gaps to fill them up. Try to move the pen with enough precision to create a uniform fill. This can only be possible if you don’t have overlapping areas.

After a single process of pigmentation, you should clear the excess ink and see a series of dots. The density of the dots at each location can be based on the client’s liking. It could be from lighter to a darker shade or a uniform shadow. The depth of the tissue you penetrate using the pigmentation pen is based on the nature of the skin. It’s important to spend relatively equal time working across the brow.

I hope to see you in our private or public classes so we can talk more about the newest methods in pigmentation from beginner to professional. Best of luck.Goodbye.

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