How To: Low-Bun Chignon Style

In the following tutorial, you can watch an instruction of low-bun chignon by Ms. Aghelnejad. To get started, first divide the hair into desired sections and thoroughly tease the part on the crown.
This chignon style is tied on the bottom of the head. Try to pull out some thin sections on the shell part to make particular lines and braid the sections on both sides.


First divide the hair from one ear to another and tease the section on the crown properly. secure it in place on the chignon and apply the hairspray. pull out hair strands on the crown and hold them tightly in place with pins. divide some sections from the hair on the right side and flip them to the left. Then braid what's left on the right to be close to the scalp. now make small waves on the braided hair and tie it firmly to the chignon with pins. now for the section on the left side, make bigger waves with it and secure it in place to the chignon with pins. apply the spray for fixing. Thanks a lot for watching.

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