Choosing The Right Institute & Getting Certified

In this video, you will learn more about choosing the right cosmetic institutes and how to get certified after passing the classes. This video was provided by Mrs. Akbari from Viona Beauty Academy.


Greetings. Today we are here with Mrs. Akbari, the administration at Viona Beauty Academy and we want to ask her many questions that you had asked on about choosing the right cosmetic institutes.

First, please tell us a little about your institute, please. Greetings. Viona Beauty Academy was first established in 2003 and holds classes on cosmetics and care, teaching services, and hygiene and safety. Cosmetics and care branch includes all the cosmetic and makeup professions and fields, including micro-pigmentation. The hygiene and safety branch includes classes on correct methods to use makeup products and creams, applications and correct uses of fitness equipment and health and safety in working with lasers. The teaching services branch includes test-taking, administration, and teaching. For more information, you can contact our consultants at Viona Beauty Academy.

What are the traits of a good cosmetic institute. It should have obtained validations to offer certificates to its students upon graduation, and employ professionals familiar with up to date cosmetic techniques to teach its classes. At the end of the classes, the institute must introduce the students to take the valid tests and then provide them with standard certifications. Besides, the institute must have a high success rate regarding its employment and certification acquirement.

Which classes would you recommend for a beginner. It is much better to start at Women’s Makeup classes, which is a starting position in cosmetics. This will help them realize which field or direction they would rather pursue in cosmetics. After that, they can professionally continue their studies. Besides, the certificate obtained after graduating from this class can help them get a license for their salon.

What are the steps required to get certified after graduating from the classes. After graduations and receiving a test voucher, they can take a multiple-choice test, and if they pass this test successfully, they will have to take the applied techniques’ test in a month after the multiple-choice test. When the results come, and they have succeeded in the tests, they will receive an internationally recognized certification.

Many thanks to Mrs. Akbari, administration at Viona Beauty Academy, and you for watching us on We hope to hear more of your constructive thoughts and opinions.

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