How To: Simple Low Bun Chignon

In this tutorial, you will learn a beautiful and simple low bun chignon.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m an expert hairstylist and instructor. I’m here with a chignon tutorial.

The chignon I want to teach you today is suitable for people who want a simple chignon. It could be used for teenagers who want a nice and simple and yet elegant way to tie their hair or for your special days. Tie a layer of the hair around the ponytail in the back. Let’s start in the front of the hair. I’ll tease the hair layer by layer. The way you form the hair in the front depends on what the client wants. Most people want their hair pulled back. The client’s hair is usually shorter than this and they want it to have more volume. Here, we tease the hair a bit and want to create a few lines and waterfall effects inside the hair because the chignon is a simple one.

Spray the hair with styling spray a bit between the layers. Brush the surface thoroughly. Separate a layer of the hair and use your hands to form it like this. Separate it into four layers. Use hair clips inside the hair to hold it. Do the same for the last layer. You can even use big hairpins to hold the hair. But if you want to form the hair a little or want to do a simple chignon it's better to do it this way. Pull the hair back completely. Now use some styling spray. Twist the hair and use a hair stick to hold the twist fixed in place. Use another hair stick to help hold the hair. Continue like this, twist the hair, and use another hair stick. Then brush the surface to make it smooth. After brushing the hair to make sure it’s smooth, twist it around the ponytail and add a hair clip to hold it.

Widen the hair a bit and attach another hairpin to fix the hair. Take the layer of hair on the left, brush it and flip it around the hair stick. Use a hairpin right here and bring it below the layer of hair on the other side. Apply a hairpin and hold it down below the first layer. There’s a layer of hair left. You can either take it below the first layer or fold it like this and attach it here. You can also braid the hair and wrap it around your chignon. This model hair is long and full. Most women don’t have hair like this but if they do, you can fold the hair underneath the bun or wrap it around it, depending on what you like. I’ll wrap it around the bun in the back of the head and finish the work.

This chignon tutorial is over. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our private and semi-private classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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