Feet Powder Nail Step-by-Step

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to do a feet powder nail cover. This video is provided by Viona Beauty Academy.


Greetings. Today we’re here from Viona Beauty Academy to talk about feet powder nail cover.

In the beginning, scrub the nail to get rid of the natural oil and tissue on the nail and use the scrub to get rid of the cuticles. Use a nipper to cut the extra tissue around the nails. Use a pad to clean the nail. For the next step, add anti-fungus and primer to the nail.

Using your round brush, take some product and add it to the middle of the nail. Move the product to the root of the nail using the brush. Do this by tapping on the product with the brush. After the product is completely dry, use a scrub to form the surface. Use a hand-held scrub to fix around the nail and then buff it.

This method is great for those with broken or malformed nails. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful looking nail.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. In order to join our classes, contact our consultants at Vional Beauty Academy.

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