Cleansing Oily Facial Skin Step-by-Step

In this video, we're going to show you how to go about cleansing facial skin and closing open skin pores on oily skin. This video is brought to you by Mrs. Safa'i, hair and skin cosmetic care expert.


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I'm Safa'i, skin expert from Noghre Negar Institute.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how a professional skin cleansing procedure is done to remove pores. As a first step towards skin cleansing, diagnosing the skin type is of utmost importance. Today we are going to work on oily skin with pores. If you pay attention to my client's skin, you can notice that the skin is keratinous, it's got open pores, and also you can see blackhead pimples.

Our first step would be to clean the eyelids and the lips completely. Start cleaning the eyes from the outside. Any pollution must be removed from lower and upper eyelids. It's important to clean the eyes starting from the lower eyelids towards the upper eyelids. The reverse could help expand and deepen the wrinkles below the eyes.

Since my client has open pores and oily skin, we are going to use a cleansing gel. This will help remove the oil from the skin to an extent. Let's massage the face a little to help the gel clean the Epidermis. Now we are going to wipe the cleansing gel from the face. We should only work upwards on the face.

After removing the cleansing gel, we're going to apply a toner for oily skins. Let's apply the toner like this, keeping in mind to only work upwards. Toner will help remove pollution from the second skin layer, which is the Dermis layer. So a cleanser is important because it will clean the Epidermis and toner is more important because it will reach the Dermis layer to clean it.

After both the Dermis and Epidermis are completely clean, we are going to use a special skin scrub for oily skin. What we're using here is called a sand scrub. We're using this type of scrub to get rid of dead skin and keratinous cells. Skin scrubs benefit the skin in a few different ways. They will give the skin a clear look and remove keratinous cells, and help increase oxygen delivery to the skin. This is mainly due to the removal of the keratinous cells. After these cells are removed from Epidermis, new cells will surface and getting oxygen to these cells become easier. Hence, applying skin scrub is a crucial step. Since my client had a dim and oily skin, I used a facial sand scrub. This facial scrub must remain on the skin for three to five minutes and will be cleaned after a massage. Now let's start massaging the face for a while. Gently and with rotational movements. For ladies who had cosmetic nose operations done, must be careful when scrubbing the nose. Keep in mind that the product must not touch the area around the eyes. Those of you who use skin scrubs during spring or summer seasons must be very careful since the sun shines vertically during these seasons. This could cause skin spots if you don't apply the right sunscreen or use hats.

We've removed the scrub from the face. To wipe the scrub you must wash the face with water. At this point, we're going to use a toner to remove the oil from the skin again. Start applying the toner from the bottom of the face upwards with gentle pressure. This is to make sure that the Epidermis and Dermis layers are completely clean. After applying the toner, we're going to pop the blackhead pimples.

Let's use a tire-Comedon to pop the blackheads. As you can see I'm using tire-comedon to remove the blackheads. It's very easy to do. If Whitehead pimples are in contact with oxygen, they will turn black and you'll have blackhead pimples. If those blackheads are not tended to, they can turn into moles. Moles must be removed using laser therapy.

The blackhead is now completely removed from the skin. If you don't pop these blackheads after applying the scrub, the sediments will stay on the Epidermis and Dermis layer and the skin will remain heavy. After removing the blackheads, the skin will look clearer, oxygen delivery will be easier and you'll have a better overall skin health. Although, after removing the blackheads you might experience redness or irritation for half a day or two days at maximum.

After facial cleansing, scrubbing the face and removing the comedon, we're going to use algae spray on the skin. This will help restore the lost minerals. You'll have to wait for the spray to dry off, so you can apply the mask. My client can use algae mask which is full of minerals or use an anti-pore mask. Here I'm going to use algae mask.

After the spray is dry on the skin, we're going to use a skin oil control serum. Apply a few drops and massage briefly. This will help get the skin ready for applying the mask.

Now I'm applying the algae mask. Algae mask can be used on faces with acne and on normal, oily or mixed skin types. It's also loaded with algae which can benefit your skin. This type of mask must remain on the skin for twenty minutes. You should use a foil to cover the face afterward in order to activate the ingredients. We've covered the face with this mask. Let the mask stay on the face for twenty minutes. Algae mask is a great moisturizer, and it will also help control oiliness and reduce acne and pimples. It will also make your skin lighter.

In order to activate and increase the benefits of the mask, we're going to use a foil. Whenever you touched the surface of the foil and noticed the heat on the foil has risen, it's time to remove the foil. We've removed the algae mask. Now let's apply toner to help control the oiliness of the skin and reduce pores. Massage the face with the pads in an upward direction.

As a final step, after applying the toner, we're going to add a face cream. The face cream for my client must be a water-based fluid cream. Fluid is a moisturizer with controlled oil components. So those people with oily skin or skin pores must always use moisturizers with low or no oil at all.

Let's apply the cream and massage the face with a rotational movement. Don't forget that you might experience skin redness after pimple removal. However, this isn't something you have to worry about and it will be gone after half a day or two days at most. Make sure to use sunscreen after the procedure, because during the summer the skin could be damaged by the sun.

Thank you for watching and I hope to meet you soon in our classes over at Noghre Negar Institute.

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