How To: Chignon With Hair Extension

In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about styling the hair into a waved chignon. This video was provided by Golden Triangle Beauty Salon.


Here you can see how I’ve separated the hair. We’ve separated the hair from the arch of the eyebrow until above the ears and formed her hair into a prosthetic in the back. We’ll add a layer of hair extension on the side of the head. Now let’s work on the side and brush the layer thoroughly. It’s better to use hair cream to reduce the hair frizz and style the hair better.

As you can see, I’ve separated the layers on the side of the head pitch by pitch. So one layer is above the other one. Apply some hair cream. You can curl this layer and leave it hanging in the front if it suits your client. After applying the hair cream, you should brush the hair so it looks completely straight and in-line. Widen the hair on the side and use hairpins to attach it to the hair. Make sure to use multiple hairpins instead of just one to avoid narrowing the hairline. Use your hand to form the layer into an S shape and move it towards the prosthetic in the back.

When this layer reaches the prosthetic, it’s at the same area where you attached your hair extension. You have to brush these two layers together and form them into an S shape as well. The extension layer must be at the same area as the hair layer so it will blend in with the hair. Now we have to move to the top layer and apply hair cream here and brush the hair as well. Form it into an S shape and align it on the side with the first layer. Meaning the two layers shouldn’t be separated and when you look at the chignon it should look as if there’s only one layer of hair on the side.

As you can see in the process, I use my finger and a little hair cream to create lines on the hair and hold them with hairpins. These hairpins are only used to hold the hair and help fix them the way you like. Hold the hair layer and arrange it to align with the other one and however you’ve formed the first layer, the second layer must look the same. After attaching and arranging the two layers, we have to arrange the extension hair the same way we did for the two previous layers. Brush the hair and hold it using hairpins. To form the hair into an S shape, pull the layers downward and then upward, and hold them with hairpins. After that, you can create your waves on the hair using hair cream and styling spray.

To make sure your chignon style and especially the lines you’ve created on the hair are durable and will last through the night, you must use hair cream and then apply a styling spray and use hairpins to hold the hair fixed. Use the styling spray only after you’ve used the hair cream to reduce the frizz and attached your hairpins. As you can see, all the hair layers including the hair extension are aligned and unified and can hardly be identified as separate layers.

After you’ve finished working behind the head, start picking thin layers of hair in the front and tease the hair close to the root. For the last layer, you should tease the hair a bit more on the front and back. Spray the hair with styling spray between the layers and brush the surface a little bit. You can use hair cream to reduce the hair frizz. Apply some hair cream, brush the hair and form the bangs in the direction you desire. You have to hold the bangs up when you want to tease the hair and the hair layer must form a 180-degree angle with the forehead so you can get that puffy hair layer you need. Apply the hair cream to the hair stem only and avoid adding it to the root. Use the brush to distribute the hair cream to all the hair strands. Make sure to brush the hair after applying your hair cream and then style the hair however you want.

After styling the bangs, use some hair cream and with your finger start creating lines on the hair from the root. As you can see here, I’m using my hands to create lines on the hair starting at the root using hair cream. Continue making the lines across the hair and make the hair layer from the bangs in alignment with the waved layers of hair. Meaning you should brush the end of the layer in the same direction as the waved hair. We do this to hide the fact that our bangs come from a different direction so you have to make sure that the layer from the bangs has the same flow as the waved layers of hair on the side. You can see the process of creating lines on the hair using hair cream in the video. After creating each line, use your hairpin to hold it and fade the tail of each line to the back.

After you see the result of this work, you’ll realize how the tips of the lines go between the waved layers of hair in the back. Before finishing the work, apply some hair cream and brush the hair to make sure the end of the layer goes between the previous layers of hair. Make sure to apply hair cream because the process directly affects brushing the hair. When you want to brush the hair, you must choose your product based on the hair type, brush the hair, wave the hair and at last have a beautiful and well-styled chignon.

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