Pinwheel Hair Dye Explained

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about pinwheel highlight technique.


Greetings. I’m Leyla Mousavi. I’m a hair formula expert and instructor from Noghre Negar Beauty Salon. Today I want to talk to you about the pinwheel technique.

We’ve separated the hair into six parts. Bleach the hair until you reach a decoloring level of nine or ten across the hair and make sure there is no yellow background, then rinse and shampoo the hair and apply a vitamin supplement product to the hair. At the end, you can separate the hair and prepare it for the pinwheel technique.

We’ve decolored the hair and now we want to apply our dye. At this stage, you have to prepare the colors based on what the client wants and then apply the product to each layer while using different colors for each layer of hair. After bleaching the hair, rinsing, shampooing, and applying your vitamin supplement, brush the hair and get it ready for the dye. We tease the hair the same way we do in an Ombre technique. This is to avoid creating lines on the hair after we apply the highlight. I’ll apply my chosen color to the hair and fade the product on the hair so lines aren’t visible afterwards.

Use a foam wrap to separate the different layers. Move to the next layer and tease it to prevent it from showing highlight lines. How much you tease the hair depends on where the client wants the highlight to be. Keep in mind that this process must take place on a bleached hair, but since we are working on a model hair, I can’t bleach it. This process is only possible on blond or bleached hair. Fade the product on the hair and continue the same way for other layers. You can use other colors as well. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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