How To: Basic Facial Cleansing

In this tutorial, we will cover all the stages of a general skin cleansing procedure in details.


Greetings. I’m Zhale Khodayar. I’m the administration at Matin Rouyan beauty institute. Today I’m here with a tutorial on skin cleansing and skincare. I hope this tutorial provides you with useful information.

As the first step during our general skin cleansing process, we’ll clean the skin using cleansing milk or lotion. To clean the skin with these products you must massage the skin. Never use cotton swabs to clean the skin with this product and remember that you must massage the face with the skin milk or lotion for three minutes. Apply enough of the product and massage the skin for two to three minutes with rotational movements. This gives the product time to remove the radicals from your skin.

The skin milk I’m using here is a skin simulating and activating product which is often used for skin recovery. You can use other types of lotions or skin milk, but I’ve chosen to use this type for this tutorial. This skin milk is made of grape seed and different types of algae. We cover how to make and mix your own skin mils and lotions so you don’t have to spend lots of money buying ready-made products. Use a wet piece of cotton to remove the skin milk from the face.

Now you could use lotions to regulate the skin PH levels. It’s much better if you use skin simulating or moisturizing lotions, but if these weren’t available, you could use simple lotion products. Our point is mostly to regulate skin PH. At this point, we’re going to apply some skin scrub material to the area. You can make your own skin scrubs, such as scrubs for sensitive skin, anti-aging scrubs, and scrubs for oily skin. If you don’t make these products yourself and have to buy all of them from the market, your expenses will rise and therefore you’ll have to provide your services at a higher price.

The less you spend on raw material for your work, the less money you will spend and therefore can offer your services to your clients at a better price and grow your client base. What matters most is that you use high-quality material, do your work the right way, with enough knowledge about the process to provide effective services. You should never apply the facial scrub around the eyes no matter the type of the product or the brand, but there are scrubs specially designed to be used in that area which we will talk about in our other videos. To massage the scrub, you could use massaging devices which can help stimulate the face muscles and stimulate skin elastin and collagen. If you don’t have this device, you could use a brush, which I will show you that as well. However, if you use this device, it will stimulate the muscles, elastin, and collagen better and it’s very suitable for people older than thirty years.

If you don’t have a massaging device, you could use a brush to massage the face after applying the scrub. You should use the brush with rotational movements, massage each area for at least twenty rotations clockwise, and counter clockwise. During each process, three factors can help you. One is having enough knowledge about the process, second, using suitable, high-quality material for the process, and third, using the right tools to achieve our goals. The skin cleansing process I’m showing you in this video is a general skin cleansing process which you can use for every age and every skin type. This is considered a general skincare procedure and it’s required for everyone each twenty-five to twenty-eight days. Remember, if you have clients with pimples or acne, which has some fluid discharge, you must dispense the brush after use and refrain from using that brush on other clients. If you use a massaging device, sterilize the brush and put it under UV light.

You have to scrub the face using the face scrub material and brush for twenty minutes and the minimum time is fifteen minutes. When the material starts looking like this on the face and it’s hard to move the brush, you can dab your brush in water or some lotion and continue the process. As you can see, I did the same and the brush moves easier now. Let’s use the electric brush now. After scrubbing, you have to remove the material from the face, which is better done by rinsing the face with lukewarm water. The client must not dry the face with a towel after washing the face. After washing the face, you can dry it using this method. Don’t use any other way or material to dry the face since the skin is very sensitive at this stage and a wrong method can affect the skin.

Now spray the face with concentrated lotion. This is mainly done to provide the required nutrients to the skin especially leptin based nutrients and moisture. After spraying the skin with the concentrated lotion, we have to massage the skin. How you massage the face depends on what kind of massage is suitable for your client. They might need a lifting massage, forming massage, or nutrition massage. For the massage, we start with soft basic moves and the main point of the moves are to help the skin absorb the material you have applied to it. I’ve chosen nutrient products for my client based on their needs. You must pay attention to the nature, type, and state of the skin to determine how much material and what type of material to use on the skin. During this process, you can use any nutrient product that could help the skin.

If you want to apply serums to the skin, make sure the skin can easily absorb them through massage or heat. At this point of the skin cleansing process, the skin is very receptive to any form of nutrient or moisturizer, since the scrub has removed the dead skin cells. These products can contain nutrients, moisturizers, or both and the product I’m using here also contains nutrients and moisturizers. Therefore, this product provides all the required nutrients and moisture the skin will need. Whatever material you choose for this process, it must always provide moisture and nutrients as well, even if its primary purpose is something else. Skin can only perform correctly and absorb other material when it’s properly moisturized and fed. As long as the skin is not properly moisturized nourished, it can never accept other materials such as lifting products and the process will be temporary. To make sure your remedies last long make sure the basis of the makeup always contains enough nutrients and moisture.

What you see are some of the basic moves you should perform during a facial massage to help absorb the material, which includes soft hand moves and anti-aging hand moves. You could also use different devices at this stage but since our tutorial is about general skin cleansing procedures, I didn’t want to include the devices in the video and used the basic moves so everyone can learn and perform them even if they don’t have the machines. These moves can be performed by anyone and any beauty salon or expert and don’t require any special equipment. For the eyes, you could use hand movements in the shape of 8 or circles. You could use these methods for all of your clients and all ages without limitation.

We cover all the different massage movements and methods and the effects of each one so you can choose from each of these methods yourself. We will also cover vein and artery movements, which have their own effect on the skin. These vein and artery movements are especially useful if you want to lighten the skin. After you’ve finished massaging the face, which can take from five to ten minutes, you will have to use a lotion compress. There are other items or material you could use, but since for this tutorial we want to use the basic material only, we’re just going to use the lotion compress. After the lotion compress on the face, we can use our facemask.

To start the process, you can use the readymade pads available in the market. If you don’t have these around, you can also use any sterile bandage instead. Spray the sterile pad with the lotion and put it on the face. This will close the skin pores and make the skin ready to absorb the facemask. This will also fix any previous remedies or results of the massage. These includes lifting, forming, or any other type of massage. Let the lotion mask remain on the skin for one to three minutes and then the skin will be ready for a facemask. The best type of facemask for this stage is a moisturizing and nourishing product. Try not to use specialized masks such as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, or masks containing different types of acids, since we started the process based on basic methods and material so we could perform it on everyone. What we care about during this process, is to nourish the skin and moisturize it. After the allotted time has passed, we’ll use the mask.

Either you could apply the mask on the sterile pad, which is already on the face, or you could remove the pad and apply the mask directly on the skin. If you have a client with sensitive skin, skin affected by couperose, redness, or irritation,
We will apply the mask on the sterile cover using a brush. However, if the skin isn’t sensitive, we can apply the facemask directly to the skin. Since my client doesn’t have sensitive skin, I’m going to apply the product directly. There are many different types of facemasks. This mask is absorbed by the skin and doesn’t require removal. Every facemask should remain on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes and when the allotted time has passed,
We should remove them. This is one of the few available absorption masks that you don’t have to remove from the skin.

If the mask requires removal, remove it after thirty minutes, wash the face with lukewarm water and.
Then apply a moisturizing cream or sunscreen with an SPF of at most 30. Make sure not to use powerful sunscreens, or anything above SPF 35, since they can also act as an extra layer on the skin and accelerate aging. This is especially important if you’ve done skin lifting or added anti-aging material where the sunscreen can introduce aging radicals to the skin. The mask I’m using here contains a huge amount of vitamin C.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope it’s been useful. To join our private and public classes, please contact us with the numbers in the description.

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