How To: Learn & Update Your Techniques With Classes

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about the nature of working in the fields of cosmetics and especially hairstyle and working with formula and try to answer some of your questions. This video was provided by Mrs. Anousha Shafi’e.


Greetings. Today we’re here with Mrs. Shafi’e, one of the best instructors and experts in the field of hairstyle and hair formulas. Mrs. Shafi’e is the administration over at Ostoure Beauty Institute. We want to ask her a few of the questions you had asked us on

Please tell us a little about yourself, and what Ostoure Beauty Institute has done over the past year. Greetings to all our viewers at home. The past year was a great academic year for my colleagues and me. We taught more than 2500 students in private and public classes. I got to know many of you and many of my colleagues in our seminars and I had the privilege to take part in foreign seminars where I taught more than 500 of my colleagues which were one of my best experiences in the past year. We included new classes and updated the existing ones and did our best to teach the latest techniques in hairstyling, working with hair formula and other cosmetic fields.

What are the latest events in the world of hair formula. The field of cosmetics and hair beauty is vast and isn’t limited to a few fields. As you well know, we have many different branches like rebounding, Keratin, working with Plex material, hair therapy, and many other branches. We have to update our knowledge and techniques in all the existing fields of hair cosmetics. In the past year, I spoke about foam, pigments, and stabilizers in one of my tutorials. This has become very popular recently, many of my colleagues use these materials, and techniques daily and teachers teach them in their classes.

I know that you and your colleagues often travel to other countries to learn new techniques and take part in conferences and seminars. What can you tell other professionals about your experience. The field of cosmetics requires constant study and update since the methods and styles change constantly and are always expanding. This is more important for us since we teach students and they ask us about these techniques and.
We should be able to provide them with what they need. Many of the instructors have to travel to different countries to learn the techniques and update their knowledge, but there are many people with limitations and people who can’t travel. To help these people we always bring this knowledge back with us and teach them in our classes at a much lower price with less hassle.

Other than hairstyling and working with hair formulas, what other fields are taught over at Ostoure beauty institute. Other than hairstyling and working with formulas, we provide services and classes in all the other fields of cosmetics. This includes chignons, braiding, lift and lamination, makeup, and many other fields.

Many of our viewers who are from other cities ask us about the ways they can access your classes and seminars. How can you help our viewers on I would highly recommend that they take classes in person and avoid virtual classes. These days there are many virtual classes available and you could maybe even learn concepts such as face makeup or chignon through these classes, but when it comes to working with hair formula and hair dye, it’s almost impossible to learn the method correctly. Experience shows that even in actual classes our students have many problems later on when they want to implement the techniques by themselves and need support. This is why I never recommend virtual classes especially when it comes to hair dye and formulas because it will most likely be a waste of your money. You could join one day, three days, or even one-week long classes, which are often provided in the form of superclasses to learn in person.

Thank you for watching us at, and I hope we’ve answered some of your questions. I also want to thank you for inviting me and your trust and your choice. Goodbye.

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