How To: Smoky Eye Makeup

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to apply smoky eye makeup. This video was provided by Noghre Negar beauty institute. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m Mahtab from Noghre Negar beauty institute. Today I want to show you how to apply a smoky eye makeup using makeup pencil.

For this eyeshadow, use your pencil to draw a thin, short, dark shade on the outer corner of the eye above the lash line and form it into a faded open D by moving the line upward. After drawing the eyeshadow with your pencil, use your fading brush to fade the eyeshadow so there are no lines and only a faded shadow remains as your foundation.

We use a pencil for our black eyeshadow because it’s impossible to use a brush.
For a black eyeshadow the way we do for brown eyeshadows. This is because, first, a black eyeshadow will make spots and smear here and there and second, it’s very hard to fade a black eyeshadow and will make your makeup look dirty very fast. Hence, we need a good foundation like a pencil or black aqua and I always prefer a pencil because the result looks clean.

After fading the eyeshadow with your pencil, it’s time to apply your black eyeshadow. To do this, take your brush and apply the black eyeshadow in the place you applied the pencil shadow very carefully. Now it’s time to apply our light shadows. You should apply the light shadow in the center of the eyelid under the eyebrow. To draw the eyeliner, after applying the eyeshadow in the middle, you can either draw the eyeliner from the middle of the line to the corner of the eye with a slight upward tilt or you could draw the line with an upward tilt starting at the corner of the eye.

After attaching the eyelashes, it’s time to work on the eyebrows. As you can see, our model doesn’t have eyebrows or any tattoos to work on. For these types of eyebrows, you should remember that the curve or arch of the eyebrow must start at one-third through the length of the eye. Since we don’t have any models or any information that can help us design the eyebrows,
We are going to draw the eyebrows one-third through the length of the eye as I told you.

It’s much better if we draw the eyebrows with hachures because it would look more natural and it’s much more suitable if your model doesn’t have an eyebrow. To draw thin lines for the eyebrow, you should move your brush in sweeping moves upward. This will make the eyebrows look more natural. I will also draw the lines at the tail of the eyebrow, longer, and those at the crown of the eyebrow, shorter.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I will see you in our future videos.

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