How To: Full Face Makeup

In this tutorial, you will watch face makeup in action. This video was provided by Mrs. Azita Fard.


For a ceremonial makeup, first, apply a moisturizer on the skin and wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb the material. Next, apply a suitable foundation according to the skin color on the skin, and use a makeup sponge to fade it. Now, start the contour process using a powder or cream three degrees darker than the skin color.

To apply makeup to the eyes, first, attach false eyelashes. Now smear your makeup brush in a purple eyeshadow and apply it to the upper eyelids. Next, draw the eyeliner and apply mascara to the false eyelashes.

Apply the cheek blusher on the cheekbones. Keep in mind that if you apply the cheek blusher under the cheekbones, it will make you look older. For the lipstick, you can use a dark red color.

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