How To: Smoky Eye Makeup

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how more about smoky eye makeup. This tutorial was provided by Golden Triangle Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at , or .


Greetings. I’m Norouzi from Golden Triangle Beauty Institute and I’m a makeup expert and instructor. Today I want to show you a smoky makeup.

Before starting the makeup, I used an eye makeup primer. As you well know, you should wait five minutes after using the eye makeup primer. After the allotted time has passed, you should use a concealer. The concealer I’m using has an orange color tone to neutralize the darkness around the eyes. For the next step, I’ll use compact powder to fix the makeup foundation. I’ll apply the compact powder by touching the eye using the brush instead of dragging the brush across the area. This will fix the foundation thoroughly.

I’ll choose a black shadow and apply it to the inner edge of the eyelid. The area we want to apply this black shadow to is the one-third area of the eyelid if you separate the eyelid horizontally into three part. I’ll apply the product to the area so the whole area is covered. Start fading the upper edge of the shadow. Use a brush with a round head to brush and fade the edge. Do this by brushing the eyelid into the shaded area. The edge of the area must be fade completely and then I can apply my shadows on the foundation. The shadow we use can be a compact or powder.

I’ll fade the line thoroughly. After fading the basis shadow completely, I’ll use a black shadow powder on the same area by touching the eyelid with the brush to fix the foundation. I’ll fade the borders of the makeup at the same time. You have to choose the second color for your eyeshadow based on the color of the foundation or your primary shadow and apply it directly above the primary eyeshadow. Fade the lines while you’re applying it.

I’ll add a bit more back shadow after applying my brown shade. After applying the primer under the eyes and waiting for five minutes, I used a concealer with an orange color tone under the eyes just as I did with the upper eyelids. The orange tone of color will counter the darkness around the eyes. After the concealer, I’ll use the foundation. Use your brush to fade the borders of the foundation material. Next, I will use the same colors I used on the upper eyelids and the same compact powder here as well.

I’ll use the brown shadow on the faded areas, and the compact powder on the lower levels. I’ll repeat the black eyeshadow. I’ll use a gel eyeliner product to design the eyeliner. As you know, gel eyeliners are waterproof and are suitable for eyes, which tear up often and can last longer. I’ll use an aqua with a metal tone under the eyebrow. Although this is only if you want to have some shine with your shadow, otherwise you can just use your compact powder. Apply the aqua under the eyebrow and fade it at the same time. After fading it, use a powder shadow on top of it. You can use this aqua on the inner edge of the eye as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. I hope to meet you all over at Golden Triangle Beauty Institute.

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