How To: Remove Eyelash Extensions

Extensions removal might be the main reason for the natural lash loss. It could result in damages to the natural lashes if it’s not carried out according to the safety procedures. In this tutorial, you will see how a safe extension removal is performed.
You’re going to need the following material and tools for this purpose:
Extension removing gel
Eye patches


I'll first remove the false lashes before thoroughly cleaning the eyes with cleansing material. and finally dry it well with pads, Don't forget to tell the client to keep the eyes wide shut till before the cleansing. place an eye patch underneath the eyes to avoid spilling material on the skin. and you don't have to cover the lower lashes. apply some false lash gel remover to a disposable pad. take two little q-tips and put some removing material to one of them. hold one beneath lashes and pull the lashes gently forward with the other. This has to be done with sufficient patience to prevent any damage to the natural lash. keep going like this making the false lashes come off. use the brush to remove the ones that have been loosened. once again dip the tip into the remover and repeat all the steps on the lashes. note that I'm applying the remover to the lash bases and split the extensions with the upper q-tip.

The client must keep the eyes closed during the process, if the material contacts the eyes, rinse the eyes with cold water for 2-3 minutes. take the brush again and continue doing this till all the extension are off. you'd better apply some remover to the lashes base and leave it on for 30-40 seconds till it's loosened before detaching the extensions easily with a brush.

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