How To: Beautiful Braided Chignon

In this tutorial, we’ll teach a braided chignon hairstyle.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hairstyle, chignon, and hair formula, expert and instructor. I’m here with a braiding tutorial from

I’ll take a layer of hair and separate it into three parts. I can braid the hair on the top or on the bottom. If you braid the hair on the top, the braid will go inside the hair, but if you braid on the bottom, you’ll have a bold braid on the top of the hair. I’ll separate the hair into three parts, put the first layer on the top of the middle one, and take the last layer to the middle as well which will result in one braid.

Separate a layer from the right, add it to the right side of the braid and take the whole right side to the middle. I’ll do the same on the left side as well. Add a layer of hair to the left side and put the whole layer in the middle. Repeat the process again. Do the same on the left. Let’s keep doing this until the end. In the end, we’ll have a simple braid. I’ll finish the braid and tie the end with a hairband.

Let’s put this braid aside. In the back, I have a ponytail. I’ll brush it and separate a layer from the left. Start a simple braid. Take a layer from the rightmost side of the ponytail. Brush it straight, add it to the layer on the side, and then braid it. Again, separate another layer from the side. Add it to the layer on the side and braid the hair. I’ll continue this process until the end. This braid is now finished.

I can take the braided layer from the front and attach it to the back using hairpins. I’ll take the remainder of this layer, bring it under the ponytail and attach it with a hairpin. We can use small decorative or natural flowers in our chignon later.

This tutorial is over. To join our beginner and professional classes, please contact us using the numbers in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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