Overview Of Advanced Hairstyling Classes

In this tutorial, you get to hear about the experiences students had in Mrs. Rokhsare Pasebani’s classes.


Greetings. I’m Sara Tofigh. I’ve been taking hair styling classes for almost a year now. I’ve also taken other classes and learned other concepts fundamentally, but I didn’t accumulate the expertise and skills that I was expecting. I was planning to study makeup abroad, but I just wanted to check for one last time to see if there was any institute or instructor who could teach me the skills and expertise that I was looking for. I looked around and on the internet and found Mrs. Pasebani.

I set a date and came to see them and from the first session, she was very kind and communicative. Mrs. Pasebani is very compassionate with her students and right off the bat, she started teaching me the fundamental concepts that I should have learned long ago. One was holding the scissor the right way, which is one of the first things they should teach you in any hairstyle-training course. This was something all other instructors had missed to mention and even caused an injury. I learned many very interesting techniques that I sometimes even tell my family about and even they find it interesting. I’m very happy with this course and my instructor Mrs. Pasebani. I hope all of you who are looking for a course in cosmetic arts come to these classes, and I’m sure you’ll be successful. Thank you.

Greetings. I’m Roya Rashidi. I’ve come to only four sessions of the classes and so far I can say I’ve had a great experience. I’ve taken a class before somewhere else and I had to pay a lot of money to learn new techniques and method. Unfortunately, all was for naught and I think I only wasted my money. The class didn’t have any sort of workshop and I never actually touched the tools and was a mere observer. A while ago, I was searching the net looking for hairstyle instructors and I noticed Mrs. Pasebani’s contact information. I contacted her and came here and I really liked her work when I saw them up close.

Greetings. I’m Baharak Naserzade. I’ve been searching for a hairstyle instructor for a long time. Someone who can help me reach the skill levels I want in a short amount of time. Fortunately, I came to know Mrs. Pasebani. I came to see the classes for the first time and liked her and the classes so much that I took the first session that same day. The sessions took three days and I hope I have learned what she tried to teach me. However, she is a very passionate instructor and thought me all the techniques and methods that I needed to know. I’m very thankful for all her work and I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Greetings everyone. I’m Salimi. I was looking for a good instructor who could teach me all the haircut style that I wanted. So far I couldn’t find anyone and it had become a dream to one day be able to cut hair the way I could see on different models. One of my friends recommended Mrs. Pasebani. The truth is, most of the advertisements are often hyped and I thought the same thing was true with Mrs. Pasebani’s classes. Nevertheless, after I attended the classes, I was able to cut the hair in the style I was always dreaming of in three days.

Greetings. I’ve been doing haircuts for many years. I was introduced to Mrs. Pasebani by one of my colleagues and joined her classes. I was able to learn many new haircut techniques from Mrs. Pasebani in only three sessions. I recommend this institute to all the hairstyle and haircut students.

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