An Overview Of Makeup Courses

In this tutorial, we will try to answer a few questions that our viewers had about makeup classes and cosmetic courses. This video was provided by Mrs. Hasti Asghari.


Greetings. Today we’re here with Mrs. Hasti Asghari. We want to ask her a few of the questions you had.

Greetings, please tell us a little about yourself and your professional life. Greetings, I’m Hasti Asghari and I’ve been working in the field of cosmetics for more than twenty years. I’ve studied in the fields of cosmetics in some of the best universities.

In your view what’s the best course for those who want to enter into the field of cosmetics and makeup and how should they start this journey. In this field, like any other, there are no shortcuts and success comes with time. So if you want to succeed in the field of makeup arts or any other field for that matter, you have to give yourself time and work to reach your goals. Experience is an important factor in your success, and academic studies are just a small part of the whole picture. Academic studies are important and they are a requirement but the experience will certainly increase your chances of success and help you reach your goals faster.

An important factor to remember is to keep trying to update your knowledge, familiarize yourself with the latest techniques, and never rely only on your initial training. This will help you be the best in your field and be creative which is always more attractive than imitation. This is a rule that all the best artists keep close to heart.

What types of services do you provide at your center. Hasti Asghari beauty center is under the administration of Mrs. Fereshte Asghari and is divided into two departments of cosmetic services and academics. In the services department, we provided the latest makeup techniques and methods in many fields of cosmetics by our professional colleagues. In the academic department, we provided a wide range of classes in different fields of cosmetics. A professional in the related field teaches each class. I personally teach the makeup classes from the beginning until the end of the course and assistants never teach in my stead. The success of our students is always our ultimate goal in these classes.

What do you think is the most important factor in your success. One of the most important factors, I would say, is how thorough our classes really are. After going through one of our courses you will never need to take a supplementary course and this will prevent you from wasting your time and money. Our students also receive an internationally recognized certificate, which is rare among other institutes. These certificates are very valuable and are recognized internationally. There are many institutes, which are unable to provide valid certificates, and the students will have to find work without being able to provide a certificate and this alone can cause many issues. Here we will provide you with high-quality teaching material and valid certificates.

As I said before, these degrees can be translated and presented internationally. Another factor worth mentioning is that we will provide our students with a one-year update on any course they choose. We will regularly call our students to ask them to join us for new sessions to update them on the latest methods and changes in their respective fields.

What’s your primary goal in your professional life. For me, quality is always more important than quantity. This helps our students get much better results.

Thank you for being with us today on I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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