How To: Lash Line Micro-Blading

In this brief tutorial, you will learn about lash line micro-pigmentation. This video was provided by Mrs. Faeze Jafari. To book our services, please contact us at .


Greetings to all of you interested in cosmetic arts. I’m Faeze Jafari. I’m a micro-pigmentation artist and instructor. Today I want to show you a lash line pigmentation. I hope you like this tutorial.

This process is more suitable for businesspersons or those in the workplace who prefer not to have bold makeup. The blade I’m using here is a PhiBrows standard blade. However, you could use any other type of blade for this process given the fact that you can properly control the penetration depth of the blade. If you penetrate the tissue more than you should, you will tear the tissue and if you penetrate less than the standard depth, you won’t be able to inject the pigments under the skin. Therefore, using this blade requires lots of experience especially on the lash line area where the skin is very thin.

I’ll start the process from the outer edge of the lash line. I’ll make sure to pick up a very small amount of material to make sure I can see the area of the lash line during the process. Moreover, the less ink you pick with the blade, the cleaner and more delicate the result will be. Start wiping the excess material starting at the outer edge of the eyes and move toward the inner edge with multiple small strokes. The most important areas in this process are the outer and inner edges of the lash line. The cleaner and more delicate the work is on these two areas, the better the result will look.

After covering the lash line with the blade once, you can wipe the area and then start the second pass. Although it’s much better if you wait after applying the product, since we are short on time in this tutorial, I’ve skipped this step. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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