Introducing Chignon Classes

In this brief video, you will hear some of Mrs. Habibi’s students sharing their experiences about the classes. To join our classes, please contact us at 09122469081.


Greetings. I am one of many students who took part in Mrs. Habibi’s chignon classes. I just wanted to say that I was very happy with the classes, her attitude, her help and the teaching environment she provided. Hello, I am Shafi’e. I am here from another town to take part in Mrs. Habibi’s classes. I am very happy with the results and what I have learned so far.

I am Hossein Nezhad. I am very satisfied with Mrs. Habibi’s classes, the crucial points she makes, and the techniques she taught us. Hello, I am Elnaz Kabiri. I joined Mrs. Habibi’s chignon classes and I am very happy with the methods that have been taught throughout the classes. I learned everything that I ever needed.

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