How To: Simple Chignon For Long Hair

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn a simple hairstyle and chignon for straight long hair.


Greetings. Today I’m here with a new tutorial from Noghre Negar Beauty Salon.

For this hairstyle, the client must have a long and even hair. A broken or unevenly cut hair is not suitable for this styling. I’ve teased this part of the hair slightly and then brushed it as you can see here. We’ll start in the front. Separate a layer of hair straight from the side. Brush the hair layer and then wave it like this. We’ll do the same for the next layer.

We'll do the same for this part in the front as well. We’ll separate the hair and widen it with our hand a bit. Use a hairpin to twist the tip of the waved hair and fix it. The process is the same here as well. The rest of the styling is the same until the bottom of the hair.

This concludes our tutorial. We’ll be glad to meet you over at Noghre Negar Beauty Salon.

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