How To: Light Bridal Makeup

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to apply a complete, light bridal makeup. This video was provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers available in the video.


Greetings. I am Hajar Naseri. In this video, I want to talk to you about light bridal makeups. Please stay tuned.

As I said before, today I want to talk to you about light bridal makeup. When you intend to apply light makeup, you should note that the focus on makeup techniques should increase exponentially because the tool with which you can affect the face is your technique and not the use of materials. Now to start, let’s apply a layer of primer to the skin. Since my client has open skin pores, the use of primer can help us smooth the skin a bit more. This is just one of the many primers available to help you normalize the texture of the skin.

The primer I am using here will close the open skin pores. The skin I am working on here has open skin pores and therefore the texture is a little coarse and using this primer, I can change the texture a bit so I can apply the foundation on smoother skin. When you apply the primer the way I am here, you prepare the skin for a contouring process. There are different ways to apply a contour. You can prepare the skin first and then apply the contour, or apply the contour directly to the skin without a basis. Here I wish to prepare the skin first and then apply the contour.

When preparing the skin for makeup or contour, you should choose a color similar to the natural skin color, or lighter. For bridal makeup, we usually intend to make the face a little lighter and clearer, therefore we usually choose a lighter color. The second factor in applying foundations is the type of product you use. The material used as a foundation should have high durability because the bride has to keep her makeup on.
For the whole night and the color should not be too different from the natural skin color.

I added the cream to the face using my brush and now I can use a pad to distribute the material to the face evenly. Dip your pad in a little water to help with distributing the foundation. If you apply one layer of foundation, distribute it, but then notice that there are still some spots on the face you can work on and the texture of the skin is not satisfying, you can add another layer of material on the top. I will add another layer of foundation for my client because the texture is not smooth yet. Apply the cream powder layer by layer to make sure you do not add a thick layer of cream powder on the skin.

However, if you have no other choice, you can add the cream powders layer by layer until you are satisfied with the result. After applying the foundation for the skin, we can move on to applying the special cream powder around the eyes. Again, the cream is lighter than the skin. You should always choose the color of the cream powder you use around the eyes a shade lighter than the skin for any kind of makeup. Use your finger to distribute the cream across the eyes and even on the eyebrows. When you apply the cream on the eyebrows, it does not look good at first, but when you distribute it evenly, it gives you a good basis for the design of the eyebrows later on in the makeup process.

Now let’s apply to fix powder and then contour the face using dry contour. To apply the fixing powder, let’s put a clean tissue on the clothes to prevent the powder from getting on it and then apply the fixing powder to the face. Tap the brush to get the powder on the face and then tap the skin with the brush to get the skin powder across. You should make sure the makeup is completely dry. Drying your makeup is a fundamental step in adding to the durability of the makeup. I will use a smaller brush to apply fixing powder to the corners. Also, apply the fixing powder under the eyes as you see here with back and forth movements of the brush to distribute the material thoroughly.

Apply the contour to the corners of the nose, lips, and all the areas that are usually darker in makeup including the chin, jawline, hair growth line on the top of the forehead, and the side of the ears. It is much better if you apply a bit of your dark contour to the neck as well to give it a bit of dimension and compliment the rest of the makeup. I will apply a layer of dark shade to the upper eyelids using the same big brush I used for the rest of the contour as a basis and will apply the rest of the eye makeup later. This is essentially preparations for light makeup.

We applied the contour, and now let’s move to apply the highlight. We apply the highlight to the remaining areas of the face such as below the lower eyelids, on the forehead, length of the nose, and base of the chin. We are essentially exaggerating the lightness of these areas and this adds more dimension to the face in contrast to the dark shades we added during contour. Now we can use a light brown, or pink to apply the eyeshadow. As you can see, I chose the number three pink for the corner of the eye. After applying the light pink and brown color for the outer corner of the eyes, we can choose a lighter color to apply to the inner corners of the eyes. Now apply the light shade below the lower eyelids as well for both eyes and fade it thoroughly. Also, apply the same shade below the eyebrows, length of the nose, and above the cheekbones.

As you can see, I am adding another shade to the face using this color. Let’s use a white pencil to lighten the inside of the lower eyelids. Use an oily pencil to make sure the lines are durable because the eyes are usually wet and you should choose a material that can withstand the conditions. After adding the white liners inside the eyelids, we can apply the shine on the upper eyelids as well. This is a very beautiful shine and makes the bride look mesmerizing. We try to form the eyes using eyeliner. Since the makeup is a light one, the tools we use to add beauty is our contour and then our eyeliner. I apply the eyeliner across the eyes. I chose to apply the eyeliner across the upper lash line, but there are many different eyeliner styles, which we can use, based on the form and nature of the client’s face.

We applied the eyeliner and now we can use mascara to brush the eyebrows. You can design the eyebrows with hachures alone, or hachures and shades. It depends on what you want to achieve which can be done for light or full makeup. Since the makeup is a light one, the eyebrows should also have a light design to compliment the rest of the makeup. Add shade to the tail of the eyebrows to add a bit of volume to them. We can do the rest of the design for the eyebrows using hachures. Hachure the eyebrows and add volume to the crown of the eyebrows. Make sure to draw thin and delicate lines, not to ruin the delicate beauty of the eyebrows.

Now let’s attach the false lashes. I use single false lashes here. After attaching the false lashes, we apply mascara one more time from below the eyelashes. Also, apply the mascara to the lower lash line. Use the tip of the brush first and then the body of the brush, because these are natural eyelashes so the techniques that you have to use are different. Now let’s apply a light pink cheek blusher on the circle of the cheekbone and then fade it. I am just adding a light pink highlight to our previous contour. Let’s apply a long-lasting lipstick which will last for 24 hours. You should be quite comfortable with applying lipsticks if you want to apply the lipstick directly without designing it beforehand.

This makeup is now fully ready and a person who likes a very light makeup can just go with this, but here I want to add a highlighter to this makeup and show you how it will look with a little more shine. Apply a little shine above the cheeks, length of the nose, above the upper lip, and below the lower lip. I used my pearl highlighter on the cheeks because the previous shade was closer to this color but as you can see I have all the highlights available on my palette. Our makeup is done. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the video.

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