How To: Permanent Eyeliner Tutorial

For this lash micropigmentation, make the lids sterile before everything. Then apply the numbing cream on the lids. Be careful not to let the cream reach inside the eyes. The hand is held vertically and a 3 power needle is used.
Below you can find a video containing a full instruction of this technique.

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Greetings to every one of you followers of Rojelab website. I'm Nastaran Khorshidi, a micro-pigmentation expert and instructor. graduated from the art faculty of Istanbul. Today I'm about to show you the lash line micropigmentation technique. To get started in the treatment, we must first make the area thoroughly sterile with an alcohol-treated pad. It must become free of any oiliness. the client's contracting the eyes due to the irritation caused by the alcohol. however, it will wear off after a few minutes. For the lash micropigmentation, necessarily use a numbing material in the form of cream. never use ice or liquid or gel numbing material. don't cover the lids fully with numbing material, otherwise it will turn into liquid on the lids. apply the numbing cream on this area by dabbing movements. wait for several minutes till it's fully numb before beginning the treatment. pick a 3 power needle and hold your hand in a vertical position.

As you see, we've worked on the lash roots line, the needle should never touch the gum part of the eye. we've proceeded until here on the lash line. as it's clear here. it has caused neither inflammation nor bleeding and no excessive swell. We work superficially on the line and don't press the needle too hard. again I emphasize we never put too much pressure on the line.

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