How To: Applying Makeup For Upturned Eyes

In this tutorial, we will talk about how we should apply makeup to upturned eyes. This tutorial was provided by Viona Beauty Academy.


Greetings. Today we want to show you how to apply makeup to upturned eyes.

First, choose a dark shadow with the color of your choice. We’ll try to focus on the edge of the eyelid and won’t move too much inside the area of the eyelid. Next, apply a pink shade below the eyelash and on the eye socket. This color difference will help the viewer pay more attention to the center of the eyes and less to the shape of the upturned eyes. For the lower eyelids, we’re going to use our primary dark shade which we used on the corner of the eyes at first.

Use a small brush to apply the shade on the lower eyelids straight without letting it lean toward the temples or the tail of the eyebrows. Now mix and fade the lower shade with the shade on the side so it doesn’t look like an eyeliner. Now use another color of eye shadow in the center of the eye to make it look more pleasant and eye-catching. Here, we chose a blue and gray color. Draw the eyeliner so that the end fades into the eyeshadow.

Use an eyeliner pen to darken the inner side of the eyelid a bit. At last, attach medium false lashes on the line with the eyelash. I hope this tutorial has been helpful. To join our classes, please contact our consultants at Viona Beauty Academy.

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