How To: Kid Haircut Tutorial

Below, you can watch a video containing a braiding style suitable for teenage girls.
The steps are followed as below:
1- To get started, thoroughly wave the hair.
2- Grab two sections in the back and create a big knot near the scalp.
3- Put a pin below the knot to hold it in place.
4- Create a new knot next to the previous knot and continue braiding all the hair like this in the back.
5- In the last step, loosen the knots a bit with your hands and start shaping the braid.


Hello and welcome, Today you're about to see a new braid style. take the hair crimping iron to make wavy hair sections. grab two sections in the back to form a hole and cross one section through the hole to create a knot. place a pin just below the knot to secure the section in place. Then grab a new section on the left and create a new knot next to the previous one. put a pin below the knot. keep making knots like this side across the head from one side to another. after that, you better loosen the knots a bit in order to make them stand out more. thanks a lot for watching.

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