How To: Eyes Smoky Make-Up

For such make-up styles we can use a dark tone of colours. First apply the dark shadow on the lids up to the third line and fade it outwards on the corner. Then put a lighter shadow on the inner corner of the eyes.
The next step is putting the false lashes. After that darken the V-shaped part on the outer corner and put a dark shadow on the lash-lines.

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Hi everyone, today we're here to show you another eye make-up method. apply the shadow from the lash line upwards. keep shadowing till you reach the third line on the lid. now fade it outwards. back and forth movements. I'll put some powder on the cheeks so in case the shading spills on it we can fade it with this powder. apply a lighter shadow on the outer corner of the eye and below the brows. Then try to fade the surroundings. please observe the way you put false lashes. I'll highlight the inner corner of the eyes. now I'm making the lash-line dark using a pencil. see the inner corner of the eye which is golden in colour and the middle which is kind of purple and the outer corner which is dark. you need to be careful to make a proper fading of these three shadows. look, although we might not use an eyeliner for many shadow techniques. but we have to darken the area between the lash-line and the eyelashes. apply the gold shading on the inner corner. it is also applied on the parts below the brows.

It can move a bit downwards. This difference in the shading colours is not made only for enhancing the beauty, it can also help those with small eyes to make them look better. eye-line is much different from shadow. eyeliner makes the eye too thick and dark. but with shading the eyes look way more natural. darken the V-shape part of the eye. We could use an absolute opaque lipstick colour. but because she has small lips. I preferred to make a somewhat shiny tone on it. well, we're done with this eye make-up item, thanks for watching.

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