How To: Light Cocktail Makeup

In this tutorial, we will show you how to apply a cocktail makeup. This video was provided by Mrs. Jafariani.


Greetings. Today I want to show you makeup mostly suitable for teenagers. You should remember that before any makeup we should prepare the face for that type of makeup.

We have different types of skin types including oily, dry, normal, sensitive, and mixed. It is crucial to have a basis for the makeup before we start. First, we apply a base cream across the whole face, wait for ten minutes and then continue the rest of the process. I added my base cream, waited for ten minutes and now I can apply my cream powder.

If you mix the cream powder with one or two drops of Argan oil, it will blend in with the face much better. The product we use for the upper and lower eyelids must be a liquid concealer. The material you use should be two degrees lighter in color and be quite light. Therefore, we will apply the material above the eyes, then below the eyes. After applying the material, we can use a sponge pad to remove the excess. Now we can wait for five minutes.

For this makeup, I am going to use dark red eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eyes. This is considered a cocktail party makeup. Fade the eyeshadow. The most important factor when applying eyeshadow is fading it. We can use a light eyeshadow for the inner and middle area of the eyelids. Touch the eyelids with the brush to apply the material. When using more than one eyeshadow for the makeup, always move from light shade to dark. If we do not do this, your eyeshadow will look matte and dark.

You must always apply a light shade right under the outer edge of the eyebrows. This helps the eyes look longer and the upper eyelids look more visible. Now let’s apply a warmer shade on the dark area. It is better to use a little eyeshadow with an orange tone. We will do the same thing with did for the upper eyelids, for the lower eyelids as well. Therefore, we will apply a dark shade on the outer edge of the lower eyelids and then a lighter shade on the inner part of the eyelids.

Here we are attaching the false lashes. Choose the amount of glue you use to attach the false lashes carefully. Our makeup is finished. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes, please contact us at the number in the description.

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