How To: New Summer Make-Up Style

In the summer make-up style a unique harmony of colours is applied. For this purpose, you may choose either a warm or cold tone of colour.
First create a base for the cream powder. Then pick a colour for the eyeshadow according to the desired harmony and start applying it. After the shading it’s time to put an eyeline.
Try to use a light blush. In the last step, put a light thin line around the lips and pick a lipstick which is the same colour.


Dear audiences, I'm here to show you a new make-up style which is popular among young girls and women. This style is known as summer make-up or fancy make-up. In this style one only colour harmony will be used. you can pick a harmony of either warm or cold colour. To make the shadow base, we no longer use individual colours like aqua or any other for mixing colours together. and the shadow base is made in harmony of the similar kind of colour by which we want to put the make-up. We always use light colours for under the eyebrows in this style . so that it becomes more attractive. we're just putting a plain eyeline for her. For a make-up of this kind. We try to use a lighter blush for the cheeks. use a very thin and mild lipliner. very well pals, here's our summer fancy make-up. I do hope you have liked it. To attend our instruction courses and learning the latest techniques. please dial the available phone numbers. Good luck.

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