How to Cleanse, Tone And Moisturize Your Face

In this video, we are going to show you how to cleanse, tone and moisturize your facial tissue. This tutorial is brought to you by Mrs. Safa’I, skin care and cosmetics expert. If you’re interested in joining our skin cleansing, lifting and professional skin care classes, please contact us by calling 09914841235.



I’m Safa’i and I’m a skin expert from Noghre Negar beauty center. Today I want to show you how to care for your facial skin by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

My model for this video has dry skin. After you diagnose the skin type you can start the process. For people with dry skin, the first step should be using a skin-milk. It’s important to note that skin milk, soap, foam, gel and the like will clean your Epidermis. Which is the thin uppermost layer of the facial skin. After that, it’s very important to use a special toner to reach and clean the Dermis layer. The dermis is an important layer and if it’s damaged, you can see the effect reflected on the Epidermis. Skin-milk for dry facial tissue also has another effect and it will hydrate your skin too and will help your skin get less dry. Massage the skin in a rotational state to get the milk across the skin. You can wipe the product off the face with a wet pad after.

After the milk is wiped from the face, you should use a toner to reach the Dermis layer. Start applying the toner from the bottom of the face up with a gentle pressure. Apply the product in an upward motion. As I said before, the toner will remove all the pollution from the Dermis layer. Using a good toner will assure you that the Dermis layer is in an optimal state.

The next step is using a facial scrub for dry skin. Apply the scrub across the face except for around the eyes. Be careful not to cause irritation. Ask the client to make sure there’s no burning sensation or itchiness after applying the scrub. Let the facial scrub stay on the face for three to five minutes and then massage the face. In this process, the active molecules in the product will reach the Epidermis and Dermis layers of the tissue. The facial scrubs we use are very safe and will not cause any flakiness. It’s very important to use sunscreen in general, but for people who apply facial scrubs, it’s even more crucial to prevent freckles or spots. Massage the face with rotational movements in an upward direction. For the forehead, first massage with one hand from one side to the other and then use both hands to massage from left and right. This facial scrub will give you at least two degrees of brighter skin without causing flakiness.

After the facial scrub is wiped off the face, use a moisturizing spray. At this time all the skin pores are completely open, so whatever you apply to the face will be absorbed quickly and the best option is to use a moisturizing spray. After the sprayed moisturizer has dried, use a moisturizing serum. Massage the serum across the face very gently. Serums don’t require extensive massage to be absorbed by the skin. Massage the skin just enough for it to be absorbed. After the moisturizing serum is applied, use a moisturizing mask. The mask can stay on the face for twenty or thirty minutes.

Those of you who have dry skin and don’t take care of your skin with moisturizers and simple home cares, I can assure you that your skin will start to age sooner than it should. Dry skin doesn’t get many pimples or rash, but it will get micro-wrinkles, which can turn into wrinkles if you don’t pay attention to your skin care.

We are now done with applying the moisturizing mask. We will wait for twenty minutes and then use a wet pad to wipe the product from the face. We will also apply a moisturizing cream afterward and massage the face with rotational movements in an upward direction. My model will definitely use a sunscreen afterward. Applying sunscreen is a crucial step after going through this process, and especially important during the summer.

I hope you have enjoyed this video.Thank you all and God bless.

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