How To: New Facial Cleansing Methods

The arrival of new technologies has enabled us to perform deep cleansing processes for all types of skins much more easily than we used to do. In the following tutorial, we introduce a quick cleansing method along with exfoliation using state-of-the-art devices for these purposes.
First the face receives hot steam to unclog the pores for the removal of pustules. Then, a scrubbing is performed to the face.
The Derma F scrubbing device can be used to achieve a deep cleansing. After applying hot steam, the LED therapy system is employed to provide sealing for the unclogged pores.
A full instruction is presented by a skincare expert from Soorati beauty salon in the following video. To sign up for the courses provided by this institute, you can dial the numbers provided.


Hello everyone, I'm a skin care expert from Soorati beauty salon. Today, I'm gonna show you how to do a VIP skin cleansing, so keep watching. first, apply the steam cleaning to unclog the pores to let the blackhead pustules out. Then we'll use the scrubber to remove a thin layer off the skin so that we're able to do the exfoliation. In our VIP facial service, we use the Derma F device to perform deep cleansing and superficial exfoliation, and it provides painless removal of blackhead and whitehead pustules. but in the classic service, we use peeling process to eliminate the black &. white heads. now I'm about to do a deep cleansing with Derma F device. in this step, I'll be using a cream based on the client's skin type.

Now, I'll use the LED therapy system. after applying hot steam, this LED therapy helps fill the pores of the face. it provides seven different light colour spectra which I'll explain each colour use. colours red, green and blue are used for those having active pustules on the face, it can help dry these pustules within several sessions. colours of violet, light blue and green helps treat pimple marks on the face caused by either sun exposure or layers. LED therapy also helps rejuvenate the skin and remove tiny wrinkles around the eyes as well as the lines formed when laughing. We offer the clients a 10-30 minute stay depending on their needs.

In the final step, a gold mask is applied to the client's face suitable to her skin, it will provide both long lasting brightness and better absorption for the skin. Then the mask is peeled off the skin in pieces. remember that like every other organ, skin needs to be regularly taken care of. so we recommend cleansing for all skin types every 3 to 4 weeks. well, our VIP facial service is over now, thanks for watching this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it. To attend our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided.

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