How To: Gel Nail Polish

In this brief tutorial, we will talk about the correct way to apply a nail gel polish. This video was provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Salon.


Greetings. I’m here from Noghre Negar Beauty Salon to talk to you about gel nail polish.

This process is called a gel nail polish which is sometimes is mistakenly known as gelish. To apply this type of polish you should manicure the nail, which we have done prior to this video. We have to prepare the foundation for the work by scrubbing the nail to scratch its surface and create remove the natural shine and oil from its surface as well. The fungus can also affect the nails with gel polish and this is why it’s important to always apply anti-fungus to minimize the chance of fungus after this application.

I’ll use a gel primer and apply it across the surface of the nail. Let’s wait a few moments for the primer to dry a bit and get sticky. Now we have to apply our base coat starting from the middle of the nail and then closer to the root. Let’s apply the base coat in two thin layers. Now we put the nail under UV light to dry. Put the nail under LED for thirty seconds or under UV for three minutes. Now we’ll repeat the second step which is applying the base coat. Now put it back under the device for thirty seconds to dry it.

After applying the base coat, we have to apply our gel polish. You can apply the gel polish from one layer to three layers. The gel polish I’m using is a three-layer product and will be applied to the nail in three thin layers. Put the nail under UV light for thirty seconds. Apply the second layer and put the nail back under UV light for thirty seconds. The last step for our nail polish is the application of the third layer. Moreover, put the nail under UV light for the last time for thirty seconds.

The last step for our gel nail polish is applying our top coat. Put the nail under UV light again for thirty seconds. Now use a cleaner pad and oil. Fade the oil from around the nail using the pad. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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