How To: Acrylic Nail Design

In this tutorial, you’ll watch the steps for a nail design. This video was provided by Viona Beauty Academy.


To design the nails for a bride, it is much better to use a light color for the basis of the design. Then we can mix a range of techniques and methods to produce a beautiful result. In this video by Viona Beauty Academy,
We aim to show you flower design using acrylic powder and using sponge and acryl for nail design.

To design the nail using acrylic powder, put some of the material on the nail and use different tools to form it any way you like and use stones or jewels to decorate the flower or design. Now apply the color you used for the basis of the nail plus another color, preferably white, on the nail. It is better if the two colors do not mix on the sponge.

If you aim to use acryl to design your nails, it is better to use it before the nail polish has dried completely. To do this, put some acryl on the nail and then throw away the excess acryl on the nail. Tap the nail slowly to make the material stick to the nail.

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