Nail Gel Step-by-Step

In this video, we are going to show you how a Nail Gel is done. Noghre Negar Institute provides this tutorial. If you would like to join our nail workshops and classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I am here today from Noghre Negar Institute and I want to show you how a nail gel is done.

To prepare the nail, you first have to do a dry manicure to get rid of the cuticles and scrub the nail to scratch the surface. Cuticles are gone and I have scrubbed the nail to add a few scratches. For those people not very comfortable with electric scrubs, I would recommend using handheld ones. It’s much easier to control and work with handheld scrubs than it is with electric ones. It is even better if the scratches are deeper since it will help with adding the tip and the products to the nail.

What we have to do next, is adding the tip. Tips have different sizes, usually from 0 up to 9. Find the correct size tip and simply put it on the nail. Do not push the tip on the nail. You should not fit a number 8 tip to a number 5 nail. This pressure will deform and flatten the nail and tip. When measuring the tip just put the tip gently on the nail and make sure the tip covers the nail from one side to the other. I am going to use a clipper to cut the edges of the tip on both sides. This is because the edges of the tip are always the first part to detach from the nail and form bubbles. Add a few scratches to the back of the tip exactly where you want to add the glue. This is to wipe the oil from the tip and form a stronger hold to the nail.

After scratching the tip, add a little glue to the tip and wait a little while for the glue to harden. Now when you want to add the tip to the nail, touch the top or the bottom and roll it down. This is to help squeeze any extra glue out. Wait a few moments for the glue to dry. After the glue has dried, use a cutter to cut the tip the size you prefer. Use a handheld nail scrub to soften the line between the nail and the tip and to get rid of the pointy edges.

After scrubbing, use a cloth to clean the nail. Next, use an anti-fungus product. The best type of anti-fungus is the ones provided as pads. This model of anti-fungus will cover the nail better and clean the debris off the nail. Now let’s add a primer to the nail. Wait a bit for the primer to dry off.

After the primer has dried, we can add our gel. Get all your products ready. I am going to use a brush with a round tip. This type of brush is relatively new in the market and they will help you get to the edges and sides of the nail more easily.

The method I’ve used here will produce beautiful nails and is usually used in professional or production makeup. Now to hide the cuticles, let’s add very little amounts of the product and brush it gently. Now let’s add our mix of clear powder and pink to the root of the nail. Don’t worry about how thick the product on the nail is right now. We want our result to be a straight nail without curves. Therefore, it’s better if the product is a little thicker for when you have to scrub it. Wait for the product to dry.

After the product has dried, use an electric scrub to form the nail. Use whatever scrub head you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that you should inspect the nail thoroughly before scrubbing. Look at the nail from the side to make sure the shape is correct. When I almost have the nail the way I want it, I use a smaller scrub head to scrub around the nail.

Since we scrubbed the nail before, we’ve removed some of the tips of the nail. But because of the products we added to the nail, the tip can’t be seen. t’s better if you just scrub the tip from the bottom to make it thinner. In the last stage of our scrubbing process, I am going to use a manicure scrub and scrub around the nail to remove any product stuck to the skin. Use a hand-held scrub for a better result. If there are any deformities now is the time to fix it. This will also remove the effects of the electric brush.

To make sure everything is the way it should be, bend the finger up a little and look at the nail from the bottom. After scrubbing is over, use a buff on the nail.

I'm going to use a soft scrub on the nail as well. There’s a chance that there might still be cuticles on the nail. Use a nipper to cut the cuticles.

Our work is over now. We’ve performed all the steps correctly. If the customer wishes, they can end the process here. But if the client wishes, you can add top shine to the nail. Start by adding the top shine to the nail by putting your brush down, two millimeters away from the cuticles. This will help extract the extra shine from the brush. Now move the brush to the cuticles and brush the whole nail. Make sure the top shine has covered the whole nail. Put the finger under UV light for three minutes, or one minute for LED lights for the shine to dry. Now put a little oil on the cuticles. Use a pad to distribute the oil.

Our work is done here. I hopeyou have enjoyed this tutorial.

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