How To: Peach Coloured Nail Design

The primer material is applied to the nail’s surface prior to adding the powder. Then for the first pass, put some powder material to the nail’s base and rub on the surface towards the edge. While in the second pass, the brush is moved from the edge to the base.
The manual file is used to shape the nail. Then put the sand bit on the electric file to smooth the nail’s surface in order to become uniformly even.
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Hello everyone, I'm a manicure expert from Soorati Beauty Salon. Today, I'm gonna do an implant with peach colour nail powder. however, as to this client's wish, I'll do it on the natural nail. the first step is applying the primer material. Then begin applying the powder material. which is peach colour material. For the first pass, the brush is moved from the nail's base to the edge. try to make it closely touch the nail's curve. For the second pass, the brush is moved from the nail's edge to the base. after that, leave it on for 10 seconds to get hardened, then use the hand file to shape the nail. after shaping the nail with the hand file, it comes to smoothing its surface using the sand bit. after we're done with filing, clean the file dust off the nail's surface. Then use the top coat to make it look more glossy. To sign up for the classes in Soorati Beauty Salon, please dial the numbers provided.

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