How To: Applying Eye Makeup & Shadows

In this tutorial, we will cover the techniques used to apply makeup and shadow to the eyes. This video was provided by Banoo Shafi’e Beauty and Cosmetics Institute.


Greetings. I’m Arezoo Shafi’e. I’m the administrator at Banoo Shafi’e Beauty and Cosmetics Institute. Based on your request, we are here today to show you once more the correct way to apply eye makeup. I hope you like this video.

For this eye makeup tutorial, we have already applied the concealer and used a fixing powder to dry the makeup. We’ve removed the excess oil and now we are drying and fading the makeup. Currently, we are applying a medium terracotta color from the brown spectrum of colors to create the cut on the side of the eye. We’ve chosen this type of eyeshadow based on the natural form of the client’s face. We factor in the distance between the two eyes. When we want to fade the makeup, it’s better to use a different brush from one we used to apply the makeup.

After applying the terracotta colored shadow, we’ll choose a darker color.
For the second layer of eyeshadow outside the first layer using a brush. We’ll use a fading brush to fade the shadow. The application of the eyeshadows can be different based on the distance between the two eyes and the shape of the nose. If in a client the eyes are wider apart, you can expand the shadow a little further inside the eyelids. If the eyes are closer to each other, the inner cut of the third circle must be a little farther apart to avoid getting close to the nose and the inner part of the eyes.

We chose this type of eyeshadow because the space between the eyebrows and the eyes is not long and.
We want to make the eyelids more catching to the eyes as well. For light and medium makeups, the technique and method for applying makeup to the eyelids are even more crucial. To separate the eyebrows from the area of the eyelids we use cream colors directly below the eyebrows. It’s highly recommended to avoid powder shadows. Some of my colleagues use powder shadows below the eyebrows, which never look good especially on camera. It’s much better to use dry and matte makeup especially for this type of shadowing method. For the lower eyelids, we are going to use a medium color tone again.

If you are one of the people who prefer to apply the makeup to the face and then do the makeup for the eyes as the last phase,
Then you must be very careful not to let the eyeshadow and material affect the rest of the foundation of the face and stain it. It’s always better to use a brush smeared in fixing powder to clean around the eyes and the areas you are applying the eye makeup. After applying our eyeshadow, we’ll start attaching our single false lashes using non-permanent glue. Attach the false lashes one by one close to the root of the eyelashes. The technique and style of the eyelashes and their attachment must be in complete harmony with the eyeshadow and makeup.

You can choose different types of false lashes based on the tone of the eyeshadow and eye makeup. You attach the false lashes to half the length of the eyelash, a full set, two full sets, or even use a triple layer of them. At the end of the false lash attachment process, we’ll check both of the eyes and compare them to make sure the length and width of the eyelashes are equal. Form and style of both eyes and the eyelashes must be completely the same after the process has ended. Go back to the eyeshadows, check them again, and make changes if there’s anything left behind.

After applying the eye makeup, we can move forward to applying the contour and makeup to the lips. Use a pen to draw your lip liner. We’ll form and design the lips the way we deem appropriate based on the form of the face. Apply darker colors to the innermost parts of the lips and lighter colors to the more prominent parts to make the lips look more plump and beautiful. After fading the lip shadows and finishing the makeup for the lips and applying a shine, we’ll apply a fixing powder to the face. Apply a light fixing powder to the lighter areas of the face and a dark fixing powder to the darker areas. We can even remake and apply a few touch ups to the overall face makeup.

This concludes our tutorial for today. We have many pleasant surprises over at Banoo Shafi’e Beauty and Cosmetics Institute. I hope to see you all in our classes. To contact us, please use the information provided in the description.

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